Long walls can be tricky to decorate. While there are plenty of guides and inspiring ideas for how to fill a large blank wall, it’s not quite the same as a long wall. Here’s why.

With a large wall, it’s often one wall that’s exceptionally wide or exceptionally tall. The challenge is making it feel fully decorated either way, which often means investing in large pieces of art and decor or creating a gallery wall without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, a long wall often runs the length of a room or multiple living spaces, which requires more planning—should art go in the middle of the wall or closer to the edges? Where does furniture fit in? Does a gallery wall make sense on a long wall? How can the wall decor look cohesive across different spaces?

All that is to say, decorating a long wall is no easy feat. To provide some inspiration and guidance, here are our best furniture and wall decor ideas for outfitting long walls in every type of room—from narrow hallways to open concept spaces.

Decorating a Long Living Room Wall

What you do with a long wall in the living room really depends on how you want to use the space. Here, we break down two different scenarios and why they work.

long living room wall with tv

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A Long Living Room Wall With a TV

If you love spending time in your living area watching TV or having movie nights with friends and family, this approach is perfect as it’s centered around where the TV goes.

The Challenge: Filling a long wall with a TV as the prominent focus.

How to Make It Work:

  • Start with your TV. Decide where your TV will go. It can be in the middle or off to one side. Wherever you place it, a TV immediately stands out as a focal point. Here, we anchored the long wall with the TV right in the center.
  • Decorate around it. If you opt for a wall-hanging TV, furnishing the space beneath it with a console table, sideboard, or media stand to round out the look. We flanked ours with a pair of ottomans and sconces for a fully balanced look.
  • Add wall decor. This will balance out the focus since your TV is set at an elevated height. Beyond sconces, some wall decor ideas include hanging art along the farther sides of your long wall, filling a corner with a tall tree or plant, or even just leaning a tall mirror that gives the look of height.

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A Long Living Room Wall With Storage

Another approach is to use your long living room wall for storage and display. This is great if you’re not big on using your living space for TV watching, or you have a better spot for it on the opposite side of the room.

The Challenge: Turning a long expansive space into a functional storage spot that’s still stylish.

How to Make It Work: 

  • Choose your storage. Depending on the style of storage pieces you choose, it can set the visual tone for the rest of your long wall as well as your room. We suggest two large open bookcases on either end of the wall for a storage setup with a balanced, airy look.
  • Break it up with art. Even out the large-scale storage bookcases with some art. A statement photograph, painting or any oversized artwork centered between the bookshelves will help round out the look and feel of your long wall.
  • Layer in accents. With bookcases and large-scale art as your wall decor, adding colorful objects and accents to the bookcases will bring your long wall to life. Pull in a bench underneath your large art piece to accent the space and anchor it with a touch of color and texture.

Also check out our tips and tricks for designing a narrow living room layout!


Decorating a Long Wall in a Bedroom

Long bedrooms can be tricky to decorate. When designing this kind of space, deciding where your bed will go is key. Below are two different takes on outfitting long bedroom walls.

a narrow bedroom with a long wall

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A Narrow Bedroom With a Long Wall

If your bed is placed parallel to the long wall, you’ll need to consider it a walkway versus a space for furniture and decor. So it’s more about optimizing the vertical space here.

The Challenge: Filling out a long wall that’s a walkway without obstructing the flow.

How to Make It Work: 

  • Think above eye level. The key here is to start with wall decor that frees up the bottom half of the wall so that it keeps the walkway looking and feeling open.
  • Try An Art Series. You can opt for a gallery wall hung high up here, but we also love the look of a series of coordinating art arranged in a row just above eye level. Consider a trio of paintings that are evenly placed along the wall, which will draw the eye and keep the focus moving.
  • Float accent pieces nearby. With a long running parallel to your bed, the strategy is to leave plenty of space all around it. But you can still anchor it with furniture nearby, such as an accent chair and a standing tall mirror, both pulled away from against the wall.

a long bedroom wall with art and furniture broken into zones

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A Long Bedroom Wall Broken Into ‘Zones’

If your bed is placed opposite a long wall, you can maximize the space by turning it into a multifunctional use space comprising different zones.

The Challenge: Delineating different practical areas along a long wall that still feel cohesive.

How to Make It Work: 

  • Decide on your zones. Plan out the different ways you want to furnish your long wall for use. Here, we created two main zones, which consist of a dresser for a storage space and a tall standing mirror, cowhide rug, and hamper baskets for a defined dressing area.
  • Balance with height. With different zones along one wall, making sure that your furnishings and the overall look appears balanced is key. Adding height on either side, like a tall plant and a tall floor mirror, will help create a more cohesive and balanced look.
  • Add minimal wall focus. With this approach, you want the focus to stay with the different zones along your long wall. So keep your wall decor to a minimum. We suggest steering clear of a gallery wall and simply crowning your dresser with one piece of art.

Decorating a Long Entryway Wall

Many entryways open onto a long hallway with a long wall. While there are no set rules for how to decorate a long blank wall in the entry, here are two approaches for easy wall decor ideas.

long entryway wall with large artwork

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A Long Entryway With Simple Wall Decor

Style up any long entry wall with oversized art to create instant impact.

The Challenge: To add visual wall focus without cluttering up the look and feel in an entry.

How to Make It Work: 

  • Hang statement art. A single large scale piece of art is the perfect balance between bold and minimal in an entryway. Center one on the long wall in any entry hall to add color and visual interest that doesn’t overwhelm the space.
  • Work in chic lighting. Round out your art piece with A pair of captivating wall sconces. Stylish sconces are one of our favorite wall decor ideas for the entry because they play up a balanced look along with practical lighting.
  • Ground it with a runner. For a finishing touch that evens out the art and lighting on the wall, pull in a patterned runner for a bright, textural touch that also helps to pad your entryway with a warm, welcoming look.

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A Long Entryway With a “Drop Zone”

Section out a long entry wall into two areas: A landing strip that welcomes you into the space, and then a ‘drop zone’ for a practical catchall spot.

The Challenge: Prioritizing function without sacrificing style and or making the space feel bare.

  • Lead with a runner. Rather than a small area rug or having your console near your front door, lay down an entryway runner rug that acts as a welcome spot that invites you into the home. A colorful runner will also help set a bright tone for the rest of your space.
  • Anchor with a console. Follow up where the runner ends with a console table that serves as a catchall, storage piece, and display for your entry. It will make your entry feel furnished and balanced.
  • Keep accents to a minimum. With this functional approach, keep to a blank wall and a small selection of accents. This will help maintain an uncluttered look in the entry. At most, add a mirror above the console, but opt for a few decorative accents, like a floor basket and some decorative accessories for the console.

Another way to punch up your long wall without any decor? Paint it! Get started with our tips and tricks for accent wall designs.

Decorating a Long Hallway

Similar to an entryway, what you can do with a long hallway wall will depend on how wide the space is. Remember that hallways are high-traffic spaces, so you don’t want it to be cluttered.

Long hallway with gallery wall

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Long Hallway With a Gallery Wall

Any long hallway is a great spot for a gallery wall that captivates as people move through it.

The Challenge: Warming up a blank wall in a hallway without it feeling cramped.

How to Make It Work: 

  • Consider the art. Decide on what kind of art you want to hang in your long hallways. Depending on your home, it can range from a full-length gallery wall of fashion prints to family photos if you live with little kids. It’s ultimately up to you. Just make sure it’s hung just above eye level to give the wall an elevated and spacious look and feel.
  • Keep spacing in mind. Choose pieces that are not too precious or that are your favorite to start. Then be sure to hang them evenly spaced down the hall for a more open and airy look. Art hung in a row in a similar color palette will look the most cohesive even when spaced far apart.
  • Factor in foot traffic. Any hallway is considered a high-traffic area, so if you live in a home with lots of commotion from kids and pets, make it a point to hang your art higher up and farther apart.

Check out our guide on how to choose art for more easy tips and gallery wall decor ideas.

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A Long Hallway With Storage

If your hallway is a little wider, consider adding storage to make this space work double duty.

The Challenge: Balancing function and style in a narrow and compact space.

How to Make It Work: 

  • Line up low shelves. If you need extra storage in your hallway, narrow and low shelves or a slim console are pretty much your only options. They’ll line up perfectly against your long wall without taking up too much floor space but also give you the storage you need.
  • Always lean slim. When in doubt, choose a more narrow bookshelf rather than a longer one that’s slightly wider. It’s always been to line up a few slim bookcases or console tables in a hallway because an inch or two in width can make all the difference in flow and walkability!
  • Add a gallery wall look. Round out low shelving with a gallery wall of art and decor. Low shelving allows you to explore more wall decor ideas since you can put things on the surfaces as well as hang up decor and art. Try mixing a mirror with a mix of leaning and hung artwork, then peppering in small accents.

Decorating a Long Wall That Spans Multiple Rooms

If you live in a studio apartment or have an open living dining room, this will be a familiar sight. One long blank wall running across multiple spaces is perhaps the trickiest to decorate. You’ll want to define the different areas while creating a cohesive look. Here are two ways to do it.

A long wall in an open-concept space.

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A Long Wall in an Open Concept Room

The key to furnishing one long blank wall for two different uses is to set apart each space with markers. You want to create two visual zones that are clearly distinct but flow into each other.

The Challenge: Clearly delineating a living area from a dining area with a consistent style.

How to Make It Work: 

  • Mark it with foundational pieces. Start by setting apart your living space with a rug that grounds it. The edges of the rug will help delineate it from the rest of the room. Likewise, use a dining cabinet or sideboard against the wall to demarcate the space.
  • Center spaces with wall decor. Explore different wall decor ideas that work best to center each space. For instance, hanging art above the sofa will center the focus in the living area, and likewise a mirror or a pendant above a dining cabinet will help bring focus to the dining area.
  • Leave in-between space. Make sure to have some breathing room between the two different areas. You want to leave some room so the spaces feel separate but visually connected. A tall plant makes for a great in-between accent to bridge the two areas.

Large, long wall in small apartment with strategically placed art

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A Long Wall in a Studio Apartment

With any small apartment, the trick is to line your blank wall with key furniture pieces against the wall and make sure to accent them with strategically placed wall decor.

The Challenge: Lining the wall with as much function and style as possible without cluttering it.

How to Make It Work: 

  • Section by function. Divide up your wall into areas of function. For instance, the wall here is broken up by the two focal points, which are the dresser and the bed. One functions as a storage and living area while the other is a resting spot. Having clear functions at both ends of the long wall will help you figure out the rest of your space.
  • Balance focal points. In a small apartment, you don’t want too many focal points, so be sure to decide where you’ll be hanging art and lighting. It’s better to have a few spots to focus on versus spreading out lots of wall art and decor around the room. Here, the art above the dresser creates one focal point while the simple framed print slightly left of the bed makes for another. They also help bring focus to the two different spaces.
  • Rugs for all areas. You can get away with one big rug in an open living-dining room. But in a small space, multiple area rugs will be more effective to set apart spaces. The rug under the bed and the other by the dresser help divide the two halves of the room, emphasizing that they are two distinct spaces.

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