We love incorporating leather elements into our furniture and decor. Why? Decorating with leather adds character, quality, and warmth to your space—not to mention it’s a beautiful natural material that brings in lovely texture and a rich color tone. And each leather piece is so unique. In terms of texture, leather furniture can be super glossy and smooth, highly textured, or matte and rustic—and just about anything in between. And there’s so much variance in leather color and tones, as well. Natural leathers range from light to dark, but you can also find leather in colors like black, white, and navy. Whatever the finish, a leather accent adds warmth or sophistication to a room because of the organic nature of the material.

We also love how durable leather is. When properly taken care of, a leather piece will last a very long time—and it ages beautifully, developing a natural patina that only gets better as time wears on. Small scuffs and scratches will develop over time, and the leather will likely wear down in certain spots. These “signs of aging” are called a patina, and it’s actually great if you love a weathered look or rustic decor ideas! This brings texture and depth to your space—and it’s great for homes with kids and pets! Any new scuffs or scratches will blend right in, and pet hair doesn’t cling to leather, so it’s easy to clean in that regard.

Leather also goes with almost all styles, so even if your style changes over time, it’s likely that a leather piece can flow with a new style. Leather furniture and accents go especially well with rustic, traditional, minimal, mid-century modern, eclectic, boho, and even contemporary styles. It’s all about how the leather is used, as well as the tone and patina of the piece. And if you aren’t comfortable with real leather, there are a ton of beautiful faux leather furniture options out there!

Curious how to incorporate leather design ideas into your home? Keep reading for 15 ways to decorate with leather, no matter your style!

leather sofa over vintage style rug

1. Leather Sofa

A leather sofa is a great way to make a stylish statement in your living room. Since a sofa is the focus of your living room, opting for one in leather will make the material really pop and help to define the space. Leather sofas have a distinct look and will have a different feel from upholstered options, as they’re more slippery and are cool to the touch.

Leather furniture comes in a variety of colors. Brown leather sofas, in a saddle or tobacco finish, are the most popular. But you can also find them in white, black grey, and even some dyed colors like blue, green, or red! Leather sofas are generally more expensive than upholstered ones, but they’re a quality option that will last for years!

Check out our guide to sofa materials to learn more about which is right for you!

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mid-century style green sofa with leather poufs

2. Leather Ottoman

A leather ottoman is a great way to decorate with leather and add a statement piece in your space. Ottomans are durable pieces of furniture and make a great coffee table alternative for homes with kids and a soft place to rest your feet. Though they’re not easy to repair if they get damaged, like all high-quality leather, a leather ottoman will develop a patina over time. So, minor scuffs, scratches, and spills will only add to the storied look of a piece like this.

Leather ottomans come in a variety of colors, but we’re partial to a more natural brown leather finish, which will be the most versatile. Stylistically, they can go with a variety of sofas and chairs, so you don’t have to worry about matching a leather ottoman to your sofa. Instead, you can use the ottoman to create contrast and anchor the room.

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decorate with leather

3. Leather Armchair

A leather armchair is a statement piece of furniture and will add tons of style to your space. No matter the shape, a leather armchair is timeless. The soft material means a leather chair will be comfortable, and as a material it can go with a variety of interior design styles. If you take care of it, it’s a piece that will last for a very long time, and even look more beautiful years down the road due to the patina it will develop. Leather chairs look great with pillows in a variety of different textures and colors. So, find something that makes the leather pop and have fun accenting your leather chair!

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decorate with leather

4. Woven Leather Accent Chair

If you want to make even more of a statement than a leather armchair, try a woven leather accent chair. It’s a very high-style piece that will add a modern, trendy look to your space. A woven leather chair brings in texture through the weaving pattern, so it doesn’t need much to accent it. It’s a sculptural piece within itself! Woven leather chairs often lean very mid-century modern or rustic, but they can also go great with boho and eclectic styles! Over time, woven leather chairs will wear out and stretch (the seat bottom may bowl where people sit). But this is simply part of the chair’s character!

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decorate with leather

5. Leather Bench

A leather bench is a simple but impactful piece to add to your home. Since only the cushion is leather (and generally accented by metal or wooden legs) it’s a great way to dabble in decorating with leather. Leather benches are also durable (more so than a fabric upholstered bench) and can span many styles—so they are a versatile piece to buy.

And you can use them anywhere in your house—from a bench at the end of your bed or in your entryway to a coffee table alternative or extra dining room seating! You’ll want to consider the tone depending on where in your home you want to use it, so that it matches or contrasts with other elements in the room where you’re using the bench. If you want something extra unique, choose leather with stitching or ribbing, or look for a bench with cool legs!

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large dining room with white oblong dining table and leather dining chairs

6. Leather Dining Chairs

Leather dining chairs are a great way to bring a different texture into your dining room. They take a little while to break in, but they’ll get softer and more comfortable over time. The two most popular colors of leather dining chairs are black and saddle leathers.

Learn more about our favorite dining chair materials.

You can create a bold and stylish look with black leather dining chairs. Black leather is dramatic and bold, and will often give a masculine, edgy vibe to a space. Bonus: it’s also great at hiding spills and scuffs—making it a great option for households with pets and kids.

Saddle leather is a beautiful, rich, and warm tone of leather that is very trendy. It works across many styles, from rustic to modern, which makes saddle leather dining chairs versatile and great pieces to invest in.

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decorate with leather

7. Leather Desk Chair

A leather desk chair is a stylish addition to a home office. It adds texture and visual warmth to your space, making it a great accent piece while also being timeless and durable. They’re long-lasting investment pieces that will definitely prove their money’s worth over time. And the softness of leather upholstery will make long work hours much more comfortable. Leather comes in many colors and dyes, and leather office chairs come in a wide range of styles, so there’s likely a match for any style of office.

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narrow tv watching living room with a jute rug anchoring furniture

8. Leather Magazine Rack

A leather magazine rack is a simple way to add leather texture into a space. It adds a rich pop of natural color, along with an organic feel while being a very practical piece. Leather magazine racks make great compliments to other leather pieces of the same tone within your space—but they can also stand alone as a simple accent of leather in a room. With use, the leather will wear and patina, but it’s durable and will last a long while adding a stylish accent to your space.

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rustic bedroom with grey walls and spindle bed

9. Leather Stools

Foldable leather stools are a practical touch for a bedroom—or anywhere you want a small leather seat! Many leather stools, like the ones pictured above, have x-shaped iron legs that collapse for easy moving and storage. Leather and metal go hand in hand for a trendy but edgy industrial look. The leather seats on stools tend to be extra soft but will stand the test of time in durability and style. Leather stools go with many styles. Try pairing them with colors that contrast (like blue and black!) to make the leather really pop.

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large white sectional sofa over jute style rug

10. Leather Poufs

Leather poufs are a trendy and practical way to add leather into a space. They’re extremely versatile pieces for any home and can be easily moved and used for different purposes. They make a great simple seating option, can easily act as a comfy footrest, or—in a set of two—can make a toddler-friendly coffee table alternative! They don’t have hard edges or sharp corners and tend to be very durable for kids and pets. Some poufs will be more stiff than others—but even if they start stiff, they’ll get softer and patina over time. And those with a more structured, stiff shape may last longer too. They can come in a variety of colors—from saddle leather to white, black, or even some brighter dyed colors!

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decorate with leather

11. Leather-Front Credenza

We love a good unexpected leather accent on furniture. Credenzas are solid pieces that are versatile and practical, so adding a leather front just adds a fun pop of texture. Leather fronting is timeless in style, but needs some care—so be careful not to scratch the leather when cleaning or if you ever move the piece. Leather like this is often much thinner than true leather upholstery. Look for an option with a texturized or patina finish. This will be more durable and will hide any imperfections from scratches or stains.

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counter height bar table with leather stools

12. Leather Counter Stools

Leather counter stools add an edgy touch to a counter or bar table. They have a simple elegance while adding a trendy vibe to your dining space. Stools are sat on a lot and need to be durable—so leather makes the perfect material for them. However, there are a few things to consider. Leather comes in a variety of colors, so you’ll want to make sure to coordinate it with the table and the overall finish of the room. And it will wear over time, and dyes from pants can transfer to the leather, so make sure to be cautious when wearing brand new denim! But leather is pretty easy to clean if you spill food. If your leather counter stools have a glossy or matte finish, you can just wipe up the spill and use leather cleaner to get it back to perfect!

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south western style breakfast nook

13. Leather Cowhide Rug

A more unexpected way to incorporate leather? A cowhide rug. They’re irregularly shaped and each one is totally unique and can really make a statement in your space. We love using them on their own, or as an accent rug layered over other rugs, since they’re very thin and won’t add bulk to a layered look. Cowhide rugs are also very durable—they can easily last 20+ years with minimal fading and shedding if you take good care of them. Though, while soft to the touch, they’re pretty hard to clean if your pet or child spills or soils them. Hide rugs come in a variety of tones and sizes, and there are plenty of beautiful faux hide rugs available at lower price points.

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blue and grey bedroom with leather platform bed

14. Leather Bed Frame or Headboard

Whether it’s a fully upholstered leather bed or simply a leather headboard, leather beds add a cool touch to a bedroom. Leather is very soft but cool to the touch, making it a great material to use in all climates. And leather headboards tend to have some padding under the upholstery, which makes them comfortable for leaning against while reading or watching TV in bed. Leather also adds a unique material and texture to a bedroom while creating a timeless look. It’s a great material for accenting with either wood or metal. And since leather headboards and beds come in so many finishes, styles, shapes, and colors, they’re very versatile in terms of bedroom color palettes and styles!

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decorate with leather

15. Leather Pillows

Leather pillows are a simple way to introduce leather into your space. Pillows add just a splash of color and material, so this is perfect for those who just want a touch of leather—whether in a bedroom or living room. Leather pillows are soft to the touch but need broken in. So, while they may feel stiff at first, they’re great investment pieces that will last for many years. They come in a variety of finishes, styles, shapes, and colors—and look great mixed with other fabrics and materials. And, since it’s such a small piece, they can be integrated with many different design styles!

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