Is there anything better than that first sip of coffee in the morning? Enjoying your morning coffee in peace is one of life’s little pleasures. But we have discovered one thing that makes the experience even better—enjoying your morning coffee in an at-home coffee nook!

Think of a coffee nook as the caffeinated version of a bar cart nook. It’s a place where you can make your favorite brew, store your most-loved mugs and coffee accessories, and kick back and enjoy your steaming cup of joe.

We especially love the idea of creating a dedicated coffee nook for those who work from home. It’s like bringing the coffee shop home to you, without having to leave the house in the middle of the day!

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What are the coffee nook essentials?

The ideal cozy coffee nook has a few essentials that will bring this space to life. Start by finding a surface to store all of your coffee nook essentials. This could be a side table, a rolling kitchen or bar cart, a console table or cabinet, a built-in bar—the options are endless! Just choose the surface that works best for you and your home. From there, fill it up with these essentials:

Your Coffee Maker of Choice: How do you take your coffee? Do you like the ease of a drip machine? The flavor profile a pour-over or Chemex offer? The customization of an espresso machine? The portability of a French press? However you like to prepare your coffee, pick your favorite brewing method (or two!) and load those coffee makers onto your coffee bar.

Brewing Accessories: Whether it’s an electric kettle, milk frother, or coffee grinder, keep any other essential brewing equipment and accessories in the same area, so that everything you need is close at hand. (And don’t forget those fresh coffee beans!)

Mugs: Once you make your coffee, you have to have something to drink out of! Pull together a small collection of your favorite mugs, espresso cups, or teacups and saucers so you always have a clean vessel at the ready.

The Fixin’s: What else do you need to complete your coffee nook set-up? Only you know—but some of our top essentials are coffee spoons, cream and sugar, napkins, and maybe even an ice bucket if you enjoy cold-brew! You can also add decorations (coffee-themed or not) to help style your coffee bar.

A Place to Sit and Enjoy Your Coffee: Don’t just use your coffee nook to prepare your coffee—carve out some space to enjoy it as well! Pull an accent chair, stool, or spare dining chair into your coffee nook to give you a place to kick back and enjoy your morning brew.

How to Create an At-Home Coffee Nook

Ok, so you have all of your equipment and accessories gathered. Now you need to set it up! But where do you set it up? To help you brainstorm some ideas, we rounded up our 8 favorite coffee nook design ideas to inspire your own at-home coffee nook. Scroll down for some of our favorite ideas, plus some tips on how to create them!

coffee Nook

1. Kitchen or Dining Area Console

Looking for some dining room design ideas? If you have a bit of extra space in your dining area, you can set up a coffee bar on a console or buffet. You can use the top of the cabinet for your coffee maker, mugs, and a canister for your fresh coffee beans. Then, use the drawers and doors of the console for your extra mugs and supplies to keep the surface clutter-free. (Or, like the piece of furniture above, stash your supplies in the wooden crates!) Really, any type of console, buffet, or credenza that offers surface area and a bit of hidden storage will do!

This is perfect for… an eat-in kitchen or another casual dining area. Or even a breakfast nook! Rather than have a separate seating area for your coffee nook, with this approach you can use your dining table or eat-up counter as the seating area. Just be sure to keep your tabletop or counter clutter-free so it’s a truly relaxing zone!

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2. Wall Nook

A wall nook or open closet inlet is the perfect place to add a cozy coffee nook. How do you make it work? Install some floating shelves (and perhaps even a floating countertop). The upper shelves can be used for storage of mugs, decor, baskets for coffee, and any other necessities. Meanwhile, the bottom shelf can hold your coffee maker and act as a bar table where you can sit and drink coffee. You could even have a friend over and use it as a place to chat! Pull some bar stools up to the lower shelf—and opt for a backless style if you want the flexibility to tuck them under the counter when not in use.

This is perfect for… a home that has an unused wall nook or a closet that can be transformed into a coffee nook.

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3. A Bistro Table in Your Living Room

Have a bit of extra space in your living room? Add a bistro table and two chairs to create a cafe-inspired seating area where you can drink your coffee. A bistro table doesn’t offer the surface space for a whole coffee bar set-up, so this is a better approach if you want to make your coffee in the kitchen then bring a French press over to your coffee nook to sip and enjoy.

This is perfect for… large and open living rooms that have a bit of space to spare! This is also a great approach for large main bedroom suites.

Designer Tip: Opt for comfortable upholstered dining chairs to pair with your bistro table so you can sit there longer!

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4. At-Home Library Setting

Create a library-inspired coffee nook by arranging a comfy chair, bookcases, and side table in a cozy corner of your home. Opt for lower bookcases rather than tall ones so that you can use the top shelf as a counter for your coffee supplies and as a prep station. Once your coffee is ready, head to the chair, curl up with a good book and use the side table as a surface to set your mug.

This is perfect for… a reading nook, at-home library, living room, or home office. Basically, any corner of your home that feels extra cozy!

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5. Hallway Console

A simple console in a hallway or pass-through space in between rooms is a great place to add a casual coffee spot. You could gather your coffee supplies on a tray (a French press and single mug are perfect for this approach) or create a more permanent set-up with an electric coffee maker, grinder, and more.

This is perfect for… wide hallways or pass-throughs that don’t serve another purpose.

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6. Fireside Seating Area With a Coffee Tray

Placing a seating area in front of a fireplace is a cozy place to be no matter what. But adding a coffee tray between two accent chairs offers the perfect place to converse and drink coffee with a partner or friend! This is another set-up that’s more geared toward making coffee and bringing it into this area—giving this coffee nook a more formal “tea time” touch. (But, depending on how you style it, it can feel less formal.) Bonus points if the tray on your table is removable, so you can carry the tray between the kitchen and your cozy coffee nook, loaded with supplies!

This is perfect for… a formal living room or a bedroom with a fireplace, where you can create a seating area that’s separate from the main seating area in the room.

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7. Home Office Coffee Station

A home office is a great place to add a coffee nook. Who doesn’t need a space to refuel during the workday without having to go far? A console or storage cabinet in your home office is a great place to add an espresso machine and milk frother, along with canisters for sugar, cream, and coffee beans. Just make sure your coffee station is arranged on a piece of furniture that has hidden storage to keep coffee bags and accessories out of eyesight. No one wants to stare at a messy workstation during a Zoom meeting!

This is perfect for… People who work from home full-time and enjoy having an afternoon latte without leaving the house.

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8. Collaborative “Coffee Shop”

Want to create some true coffee shop vibes? Dedicate a whole room to your coffee nook! Set up a communal table to sit around and drink coffee while you work and collaborate. Place the table in the center of the room, then set up your coffee station right there in the room on a cabinet or other surface. If you have enough space, you could even have multiple coffee options—like an espresso machine, pour-over, and French press, all in one place.

This is perfect for… those who have an entire room to dedicate to a coffee space—like a shared home office or homeschool area.

Fun Fact: This design was inspired by a real customer, Nicole! Read her story about creating an at-home coffee shop with Modsy.

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