Love the lounge-worthiness of a sectional sofa but afraid your living room is too small to fit one? We’ve got you. Here at Modsy, we love a good design challenge. So, naturally, we’re thrilled at the thought of hashing out how to wrangle a sectional into a small space.

After all, sectional sofas are super comfortable! They offer more space for lounging, napping, and binge-watching TV shows (by yourself or with friends and family). But there’s no denying that sectionals are on the larger side and take up their fair share of square footage. And when you live in a small space, every square foot counts! So what’s the solution? Picking out a small-space sectional!

Today, we’re dishing the best sectional sofa options for small spaces, along with tips on how to make them work!

Can you have a sectional in a small room?

The short answer? Yes! Having a small space doesn’t mean you have to skimp on comfort. You simply need to get clever with the types of furniture you have in your space. And that’s just as true with a sectional or sofa as it is with any other piece of furniture. The key is looking for a couple of qualities that will optimize it for a small space. (More on that, below.)

And if you’re wondering if a sectional or sofa is best for your space, check out our blog comparing sectionals vs sofas.

The Best Sectionals for Small Spaces

Ready to explore some small-space sectional options? We’re sharing six different types of sectionals to consider when shopping for small space furniture—plus sharing some of our designers’ favorite product picks with the best sectionals for small spaces.

A white apartment sectional in a contemporary lvining room

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1. Look for Apartment Sofas or Sectionals

Believe it or not, there are actually sectionals out there designed specifically for small spaces. They’re called “apartment sectionals” or “apartment sofas.” They’re essentially more streamlined designs that take popular sectional designs and repackage them for apartment living. Of course, they tend to be smaller (something had to give!) and often comfortably seat two people. But you can certainly squeeze three on there if you don’t mind getting cozy!

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a yellow modular sectional in a blue living room

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2. Consider Modular Designs

One of the problems with small living rooms is that there can be small hallways and doors leading to them. This means sometimes even if a sectional sofa theoretically fits in your room based on its dimensions, it can be difficult or impossible to actually get it through doorways and into the room! One way to avoid or work around this issue is to consider a modular design! A modular sofa or sectional comes in pieces that are designed to be easily assembled in your space. They also often allow you to rearrange the pieces as you’d like as your needs change. (Say, if you want to swap the chaise from the right to the left side after rearranging your room.) This also makes moving to a new place down the line easier!

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blue velvet sectional in small electic style living room

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3. Choose a Sofa with Reversible Chaise for Added Flexibility

A specific type of modular sectional, which we briefly mentioned above, is a reversible chaise or reversible sectional. Most sectionals with a chaise are predetermined to be on the right side or the left. (That’s what it means when you see terms like “left arm facing chaise.”) In those cases, once you commit, you can’t change your mind. This isn’t great in small spaces, where flexibility is key! And it can also be problematic if you move to a new place and have a different layout. So, look for sectionals with reversible chaises that you can move from the right to left sides as needed! Maximum flexibility, achieved!

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brown leather sofa with an ottoman as coffee table and extra seating

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4. Opt for a Sofa with an Ottoman Instead

An easy way to “hack” a sectional in a small space? Buy a regular sofa, but instead of a coffee table, use an ottoman. That way, you can pull it flush with your sofa and use it as a chaise when lounging and relaxing. But it can also act as a coffee table. All you need is to place a tray on top to safely balance beverages. Plus? Ottomans can also act as extra seating when you have guests over! Now that’s our idea of a triple threat. Ideally you’ll find an ottoman that’s the same height as the seats of your sofa, or slightly lower, which will make putting your feet up more comfortable. Just make sure you avoid an ottoman that’s taller than the seat height of your sofa, as this will look odd and feel uncomfortable.

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5. Pick a Sectional with Tall Legs

One problem with sectionals in small spaces is that they look really bulky and can make your small living room seem even smaller. Combat this visual deterrent by choosing an option on tall, slender legs. When you’re able to see the space underneath a piece of furniture, it creates the optical illusion that there is more space. This means you can get all the comfort of a sectional while making your space seem open and airy!

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6. Choose a Sectional with Interior Storage

If you really want a large sectional, that sometimes means you won’t have room for much else in your space. This is perfectly ok—unless storage becomes an issue. To help avoid clutter in your small space, consider a sectional that serves double duty and has interior storage! Some options have chaises that open up to reveal a hidden cubby for stashing blankets, extra pillows, games, and more—whatever you want to keep out of sight!

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Want even more design inspiration? Check out our living room design ideas feed for tons of home design inspiration. And if you have a small home, be sure to check out our blog full of small living room design tips!

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