Storage. It’s something we all need—and something most of us never seem to have enough of. In fact, home storage solutions are actually one of our most-requested features from Modsy customers! For those who have plenty of closets or a basement or garage where you can store stuff this isn’t much of a problem—but for those of us who don’t have those features in our home, we have to get creative!

However, there are many ways to use design to your advantage and use it to help increase your storage space and make the most of the space you do have. And we’re not just talking about buying furniture that gives you extra storage. Because furniture storage options like a credenza, while beautiful and practical, are bulky and take up valuable square footage that many small spaces can’t afford. And most often it’s small spaces that need the most creative storage solutions. No, we’re talking about both hidden storage ideas and practical organizational solutions that will make your life easier, help you stay organized, and make your home more beautiful.

If you’re wondering how to create more storage space in your home, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up our best clever storage ideas for every room in your house!

home storage solutions1. Get Organized With Large Baskets

One of our favorite home storage solutions is utilizing baskets. Large baskets are easy organization tools, as they can be moved around to where you need them most and you can easily stash things in them to keep your home looking sleek. Plus, woven baskets look great anywhere in your home!

Some favorite basket storage ideas for homes with kids? Assign a basket to each kid, and they’ll always know where to put their stuff during clean-up! Baskets can also help make use of the “dead space” underneath raised furniture, like a bench, platform bed, or sofa, adding extra storage while minimizing clutter. And you can also utilize the wall space above the furniture for added organization or decor. Hang a floating shelf, and perhaps a mirror to help reflect light and open up your space.

Bonus organization tip: If you’re using the bench in your entryway but don’t have a front closet or space for a coat rack, consider hanging a single hook near your front door. This gives you the perfect flexible organization option for coats, a dog leash, or even a purse.

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home storage solutions2. Wall-Mount a Storage Shelf

We love the idea of using floating wall shelves with cubbies for additional storage. Using this style, like the one pictured above, means you not only have the top shelf space for storage and display, but you can also use the inside cubby for storage! (Whereas, with a traditional floating shelf, you mainly just have space for decoration.)

Wall-mounted storage shelves are a great storage solution for small bedrooms that don’t have a ton of space, giving you extra surface space for books, cosmetics, personal objects, or even baskets for stowing socks or accessories! And, since they’re floating shelves rather than a standing bookshelf, you don’t have to worry about them taking up any precious floor space.

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home storage solutions3. Do Double-Duty with a Storage Bench

Storage benches are perfect home storage solutions for any space in your home. They’re great in entryways, as pictured above, for stowing outdoor gear, bags, extra shoes while also giving you a place to sit as you put on and take off your shoes. And, in an entryway, it’s particularly nice to pair them with a coat rack and mirror. But they’re also great in living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms.

Wherever you place a storage bench, it gives you an easy, out-of-sight place to put clutter—which is great for busy households with kids. Instead of stressing about things looking cluttered, you can just throw things in the storage bench and have it out of sight and out of mind! And we love the practicality of a storage bench with drawers versus a lid that lifts up, so that you can have a nice arrangement of pillows or a blanket on top that doesn’t get disturbed every time you want to put something away.

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home storage solutions4. Divide your Room With Shelves

For those in studio apartments, where storage tends to be minimal and you don’t have the benefit of as much wall space, we love the idea of using a room divider with built-in shelves. Not only does this help add more distinct zones to your space, but by opting for one with built-in shelves, you’re adding surface space for books, decor, baskets, and more. We love pieces that offer double-duty practicality.

This is also a great option for homes with open living and dining rooms, or as a way to section off a play area or office within a living room. For everyone who’s working at home right now and doesn’t have a separate office, this is a perfect way to create that separation of work and living space. If a room divider isn’t quite your style, a great alternative would be open-back bookcases floating in the middle of the room, which can still help create some distinct zones within a space.

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home storage solutions5. Keep a Low-Profile with Wall-Mounted Bookshelves

When square footage is at a premium, we’re big believers in utilizing the height of your room and making the most of vertical space. That’s where wall-mounted shelves come in. They have a slimmer, lower profile than traditional bookcases or credenzas—so, overall take up less space—but still offer a ton of shelf space for storage.

With open shelving like this, you can still have hidden storage by placing baskets or organizational boxes on some of the shelves. This is a great option for an office or for living room storage ideas. In fact, the desk and shelf combo, pictured above, is perfect for if you don’t have space for a separate office but still need a space for working from home.

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home storage solutions6. Sneak in Storage with a Coffee Table

If you have a small living room that doesn’t have space for additional storage, then you definitely need to consider a storage coffee table. This piece of furniture gives you a place to stash extra blankets, remotes, magazines—whatever you want close at hand but out of sight! And it’s also perfect for cleaning up clutter in a pinch when someone stops by unannounced!

We love the option featured in the design above because it doesn’t look like a storage piece but is seriously so practical for a small living room. Plus, the lid pops off, so you can put a bowl or tray on top of the coffee table and easily remove the lid without upsetting all of the decor. But, if you don’t like a drum table style, you could also go with a storage coffee table that has drawers, a pop-up top, or even just a traditional coffee table with two tiers so you can use the bottom shelf for storage. All in all, it’s one of our favorite storage ideas for small spaces.

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home storage solutions7. Corral Clutter With a Credenza

For those who do have a little space to spare, you can’t go wrong with a console table or credenza. These low-maintenance furniture pieces offer tons of storage—but, if you get one with doors and drawers, you can simply hide away what’s stored inside! So, you don’t have to worry about maintaining it and keeping it looking good like you would for an open or glass-front shelving unit. No one knows how much clutter is hidden behind those gorgeous carved doors! Plus, the top is a perfect place for decor, a lamp, and perhaps a bowl or tray for keys or knick-knacks. This is a perfect way to utilize a random nook in your home for storage.

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home storage solutions8. Utilize a Pass-Through Space

Do you have a wide hallway, a larger entryway area, or even a pass-through or alcove space that you aren’t sure what to do with? Make the most of this “dead space” by lining the wall with useful pieces. This is a great place for a console with drawers, giving you both hidden storage and surface space for decor and organization. And we love the style above that has a lower shelf—perfect for shoe storage!

If you have a longer space, you could also add a bench, and hang some wall hooks for additional storage. And, while not a storage solution, adding a runner will help give this set-up a more intentional look instead of it being a hodge-podge of furniture and objects! By putting wall space to work, you can make the most of a space that would otherwise go unused.

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