Many homes are blessed with good ‘bones’, which basically means it has amazing interior architectural elements—usually brick fireplaces and pretty molding or wood paneling. These give the home tons of added character and make for captivating details that set rooms apart.

Among the more unique architectural elements, however, are arched doorways. They’re often incorporated in long hallways or open concept designs where the living and dining spaces are combined. In older homes, an arched door might be original to the home and carry a bit more history. Regardless of where they are, arched doorways provide sculptural appeal and bold visual impact to spaces.

Here, we’ve rounded up some swoon-worthy arched doorway ideas to inspire your own designs.

Delineate Rooms With An Arched Doorway

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It’s common to find wide arched doorways in homes with open living-and-dining floor plans. The arched doorway makes for a natural divider between spaces, but you can play it up with a more elegant look by painting one side of the doorway in a subtle neutral shade.

By painting one side of the archway and walls in a different color, it brings a nice pop to the overall look of the open concept room. It also sets the two spaces apart as their own rooms (or zones) while focusing on the beautiful archway.

Accentuate Arched Doors With Lighting

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In long hallways with repeating arched doorways, a perfect way to draw attention to their rounded shape is to install a series of matching ceiling lights in a row.

By adding light fixtures throughout the corridor, it will draw the focus up and down the hallway, bringing focus to the arched door shapes. Try to choose ceiling fixtures that are equally sculptural, such as vintage pendants or multiples of the same chandelier, which bring extra bold style to your arched corridor.

Paint An Arched Door

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If your home doesn’t have arched doorways but you want one, try faking the look with paint. You can paint an arch around a door by offsetting it from the rest of your space with a poppy color, like the entryway above.

Paint is a fun and trendy way to create an arched door design that makes a bold statement. And the best part is that you can make it as bold or as subtle as you want—and if you decide you want to change up the look later, you can simply paint over it.

Trim An Arch With Color

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For a more minimalist approach to arched doorways, paint the interior with a bright color to make it pop. Not only does it make for a bold dose of color, but it also gives your door frame a decidedly modern, streamlined look that’s totally unique. This is an affordable, fun, and low-commitment option for those looking to make a big impact in an arched doorway without breaking the bank.

Go For A Brick Archway

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Many cottage homes might come with arched doorways made of exposed brick, which always makes for striking architectural details. It adds color, texture, and also rustic appeal. The key is to make sure to choose equally rustic furnishings that work with the look.

However, if you don’t have actual exposed brick door frames, you can try painting the look. It might take a bit of labor and patience, but with a bit of creative coloring, you can easily paint the look of a brick archway to give your space a bit of industrial farmhouse flair.

Frame Arched Doors With Curtains

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It’s common to see homes with arched French doors that open onto backyard gardens and terraces in larger homes. One of the best ways to dress up these arched window doors is to frame them with floor-to-ceiling curtains, which give them an instantly sophisticated formal look.

Be sure to hang the curtains above the arched doorframe, which will bring attention to its height and shape. And choose curtains that are medium weight to play up a textural and soft look. Also check out our window nook designs for more inspiring ideas and tips.

Consider A Tiled Archway

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Arched doors lined with patterned tiles are iconic in Spanish and Moroccan architecture and design. Take inspiration from the look and recreate the bold look in your home.

Colorful tiles add color, pattern, and ornate beauty to arched doorways, making them standout artistic statements on their own. While lining your arched doors in tile is more of an investment and commitment, the beautiful lasting result is well worth the effort and time. If you’re going for this look, we recommend bringing in a professional tiler or designer who will be able to help bring your vision to life.

Frame Archways With Sconces

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Play up the look and shape of arched door frames in hallways by framing them with matching sconces. They add practical and stylish lighting but will also draw the focus of the eye up to the rounded tops.

Adding sconces alongside an archway makes for an especially bold look in a narrow corridor, and they’ll instantly stand out so there’s no need to add other art or decor pieces. Try adding sleek, rectangular sconces for focal points that contrast with the smooth, curvy shape of the doors.

Surround Arches With A Gallery Wall

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Arranging a gallery wall of art and hanging decor around arched doors makes for an instantly eclectic look. Displayed on either sides of an arched doorway, the art and wall decor will perfectly frame your door and give it a stylish look.

How you arrange your gallery wall around an arched door is up to you. You can keep to a symmetrical arrangement of pieces or work in a mix of different art pieces, woven wall decor, or even 3D mixed media accents. The key is to make sure there’s a vibant mix of color, texture, and unique pieces, so that they captivate and bring focus to the walls around the arched shape.

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