In our Layout Guides series, you’ll find layout solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. We show you different ways to lay out a space—because we’re big believers in working with what you’ve got! Here, we’re breaking down the essentials for a L-shaped living room layout.

L-shaped living room layout

The Space: A L-Shaped Living Room

The Challenge: The trickiest part about a L-shaped living room design is that you’re working with two different small spaces. If you can embrace both spaces—and the awkward angular shape of the room—as one open concept design, you’ll find there are tons of possibilities.

Just like designing any room, you want to be cognizant of how you’ll use your L-shaped living room. Does the space have to work for both living and dining? Or does it need to be family-friendly for kids? Do you WFH and need a dedicated office? Start by identifying and getting specific about the key uses for your space, be it for lounging or TV watching. This will help you determine the furniture you’ll need and how to eventually arrange the room.

To provide you with some guidance, here are two layouts with some easy L-shaped living room ideas to make the most of the space. Keep reading for our stylish, functional, and foolproof tips!

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L-shaped living room layout

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Layout #1: The Casual & Comfy L-Shaped Living Room

This L-shaped living room design approach makes for the perfect gathering spot for a family home. The best part is that both the large and small spaces can be dressed up or down to suit your lifestyle and needs. For instance, you can add a TV to the media stand or decorate the walls behind it to create a gallery wall display. Likewise, you can turn the smaller nook into a reading corner or make it a play space for kids.

In this L-shaped living room, the layout is also optimized for lounging and conversation. The main seating area is loosely arranged with modern pieces that are sophisticated without feeling stuffy. And because the mix of furniture isn’t overly formal, they give the overall room space a casual and open vibe.

Keep reading to see how you can bring a few of these L-shaped living room design ideas into your home.

L-shaped living room layout

Modern and neutral living room with fireplace and TV on media stand

Anchor With Streamlined Seating

When it comes to maximizing a L-shaped living room, one of the easiest ways is to anchor your walls and corners with seating.

Here, a contemporary sofa and two modern chairs help extend the short wall and also fill out the awkward corners in the room. Their simple form helps keep the room from feeling visually crowded. The sofa faces the fireplace and centers the focus of the room. It also subtly divides up the L-shaped room into a main seating space and nook. The two armchairs in the corners help tie everything together into a cohesive look. The result is a lounge and conversation area that feels visually balanced and thoughtfully arranged.

Also check out our guide to living room furniture for more L-shaped room design ideas around the right seating for your space.

L-shaped living room layout

Modern and neutral living room with fireplace and TV on media stand

Functionalize Awkward Corners

With a L-shaped living room design, you’ll likely have to work with a few tricky corners. In this room, it’s the small spaces alongside the fireplace.

To solve for this, we used an armchair to anchor one corner and placed a media console in the other, turning the corners into functional spaces. The media stand offers storage and can be used as many different things—a TV stand, a makeshift bar, a toy storage area, an art display corner. Fill it out with things that serve your daily lifestyle and needs.

Can’t figure out how to work around a fireplace in your space? Check out our tips for layouts for a living room with a fireplace!

L-shaped living room layout

L-shaped living room layout

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Build Out a Reading Nook

Turn the smaller space in a L-shaped living room into a cozy reading nook. Simply line a wall in the small room with a bookcase, add an armchair or beanbag chair in one corner, and ground it all with a rug.

This is one of the most functional and stylish ways to play up an L-shaped living room design, because it can be changed up and added on to over time. The reading nook can be an area for kids to play and read, then when they grow up it can also work seamlessly as a library for the entire family.


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Layout #2: The Formal & Functional L-Shaped Living Room

In this L-shaped living room layout approach, there is a slightly more formal arrangement and mix of furniture. It’s less about lounging and TV watching, and rather more about entertaining guests and having a functional home office.

The modern and contemporary furnishings help keep the room feeling open but still visually cohesive. While it’s less about multipurpose use and packing in lots of functions into one space, it’s a great layout if you’re looking to create a sophisticated L-shaped living room design that seamlessly merges your living room and a WFH office.

This is a perfect layout approach if you live alone or share an apartment or home with a partner.

L-shaped living room layout

L-shaped living room layout

Add A Cozy Flow With Seating

The seating arrangement is more formal here with a sofa facing two chairs.

Mid-Century style designs make for the best L-shaped living room furniture, because they’re streamlined, have simple forms, and come in compact sizes. The natural materials, light wood tones, and leather used for Mid-Century pieces also make them appear effortlessly tailored, cozy, and refined.

If you’re drawing a blank on L-shaped living room design ideas, start by looking at some Mid-Century Modern homes and spaces for inspiration. These spaces are often L-shaped or open-concept, which are a great jumping-off point for ideas for your own space.

Modern industrial home office with rustic clock

Zone Your Space With Rugs

The challenge in a L-shaped living room is creating two distinct areas. Using a rug to zone your spaces is the easiest way to delineate different areas. The rug under the seating area here helps section off the main room from the smaller office nook. It also helps delineate the flow and walkway in the overall room, establishing lines for the open flow and walkway throughout.

L-shaped living room layout

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Work In A Home Office

One of the upsides of a L-shaped living room design is that it provides you with the perfect-size space for a home office.

Here, the other side of the L-shaped living room is arranged with a floating desk that keeps the space open, a credenza for storage, and an armchair that provides comfortable seating for hours of work.

You can also easily line the walls with shelving or open bookcases to turn it into a functional home office and library. Also see our guide on How to Create a Home Office in Your Living Room for more stylish and practical tips!

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