When you share a bedroom with a partner, chances are you each have your own dresser. But this poses a design conundrum that we’ve seen many couples struggle with: How do you design a bedroom with two dressers?

We regularly help Modsy clients figure out how to arrange two dressers in a bedroom. And today, we want to walk you through some tips to help you figure out how to choose the right bedroom furniture and bedroom layout for your space when two dressers are required.

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Getting Started

Before you go out to buy new dressers or start rearranging your current bedroom layout, there are a few initial steps you should take: determine how much space you have and how much storage you need, assess what other furniture you have in your bedroom, and consider the overall design style of your bedroom.

Measure Your Space

Not every bedroom can easily fit two standard dressers. We have some creative solutions for small bedrooms below—but it’s helpful to start by measuring your space and determining what you actually have room for. Essentially, this will help you figure out if you can fit two lowboy dressers, if you need to stick with two tallboy dressers, or if one of each would be a better fit.

Determine What Other Bedroom Furniture You’re Including

Part of figuring out what dressers to use and where to put them in your bedroom involves assessing what other furniture you have in the space. The essential bedroom furniture you’ll need is a bed, two nightstands, and clothing storage. However, some people also include end-of-bed benches, an armchair or two for a bedroom seating area, and large floor mirrors. Knowing what all you want to include in your bedroom design will help you determine what sizes of dressers you have space for in your bedroom.

Nail Down Your Design Style

With so many dresser styles and designs out there, you’ll need something to help you narrow down your options. By determining your overall design style, you can discover if traditional, modern, bohemian, or minimalist is more your jam. This will help you hone in on the right style of dresser for your bedroom. If you’re not sure of your design style, take our free style quiz!

Want to skip these steps? Start a design project with Modsy and all you have to do is scan your room with our iOS app—and your designer will take it from there!

Do two dressers in a bedroom have to match?

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Once you have all the essentials in place, you’re ready to pick your dressers and start rearranging your bedroom! But this is actually where some people get stuck. One of the most frequently asked questions we get about bedrooms with two dressers is “do they have to match??” Ready to breathe a big sigh of relief? Your dressers don’t have to match! But there are a few design “rules” to keep in mind when you are mixing-and-matching.

When having mismatched dressers, embrace contrast—in the finishes and styles. For example, a dark wood and white dresser, or an antique and more modern-style dresser. Having two dressers that are too similar but aren’t the same feels visually jarring—and can even look like a mistake. But picking two dressers in contrasting or opposite styles feels more complimentary. (For what it’s worth, the same general rules apply for mismatched nightstands!)

Layout Ideas for Bedrooms With Two Dressers

Now that we have that important question out of the way, we’re ready to show you some bedroom design ideas, with examples of how to arrange two dressers in a bedroom. Some are matching, others are coordinating dressers from the same collection but different shapes, and others are mismatched, contrasting styles. We’ll show you how to put two styles together, plus bedroom layout ideas to help you nail the layout of a bedroom with two dressers.

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Layout Idea #1: Coordinating Lowboy and Tallboy Dressers

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This design and layout approach is probably the most traditional and straightforward. It mixes a standard lowboy dresser with a tallboy dresser from the same collection. Using dressers that are two different heights adds variety to a space, and choosing two coordinating dressers from the same collection takes any guesswork out of the equation. They’re literally made to look good together! In terms of layout, putting them on different walls keeps the eye visually flowing through the space.


Layout Idea #2: Matching Dressers, Placed Side-by-Side

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Try putting two matching dressers side to side if you want to create a dramatic look. This is a great layout option for bedrooms with long, empty walls, narrow bedrooms, or if you want to create a long surface area for art and decor, books, a TV, or a mix of all three. This layout approach works best with two identical dressers that are standard height (not tallboy style).

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Layout Idea #3: 1 Dresser in the Main Bedroom and 1 in the Closet

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If you have a closet that can fit a dresser, this is a great place to stash a second dresser without taking up extra space in the main part of your bedroom. This is a good option for those who want to maximize open floor space in their main bedroom or for those with a small bedroom. While you could put a tallboy or lowboy dresser in your closet, a lowboy may help maximize clothing storage space. In this room design, we put a lowboy dresser in the closet, which allows clothing like shirts and sweaters to be hung above the dresser. You can use mixed dressers in this instance without having to worry too much if they work together from a design standpoint.

Layout Idea #4: Identical Dressers on Opposite Walls

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Another way to pull off the look of two identical dressers is to put them on opposite walls. This creates a sense of cohesion and symmetry without the identical dressers looking too matchy-matchy. This also allows you to use the surfaces for different purposes. One could house a TV while the other could be a surface for displaying decor.

Layout Idea #5: 2 Tallboy Dressers or Armoires Framing a Fireplace

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If you have a bedroom with a fireplace, this is an ideal arrangement: Tuck your dressers in the nooks on either side of the fireplace. Your dressers will visually frame the fireplace, creating a beautiful focal point in your space. If the space on either side of the fireplace is large enough, you could even opt for an armoire versus a tallboy dresser to give you even more storage space without taking up any extra floor space. Either way, this layout is a great way to visually add height and sophistication to your room design. And, if done the right way, adding two tall storage units can also appear like custom built-ins. Don’t have a fireplace? You can create the same effect with a large window.

Layout Idea #6: Lowboy Dresser at the Foot of the Bed and Coordinating Tallboy Elsewhere

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A lowboy dresser at the foot of the bed can be a clever way to add more storage to your bedroom. A super low design like the one pictured above can serve as a dresser while also acting as an end-of-bed bench! You could even add a cushion on top to make it comfortable for sitting. The tallboy dresser in this room fits perfectly along that shorter wall nook, adding more vertical storage without taking up a ton of square footage. Using both of these together in one space maximizes both vertical and horizontal space where appropriate. And, while these two dressers aren’t from the same collection, the similar designs and features make them look like they could be part of a set.

Layout Idea #7: Swapping Out Nightstands for Small Dressers

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If you have a large closet and don’t need a lot of dresser space, you can opt for smaller dressers or chests of drawers and use them as nightstand alternatives. This is also a great option for small bedrooms where you don’t have space for both dressers and nightstands. When going for this option, you’ll just need to consider the height of the dressers, so that the surface is still usable as a nightstand.

Layout Idea #8: Using a Storage Bed as a Second Dresser

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If you don’t have the square footage to fit two dressers in your bedroom, but you need the storage space the two dressers offer, consider a storage bed and dresser combo. Storage beds are a great option for small bedrooms since they offer just as much storage space as a dresser while maintaining the footprint of a normal bed. With this approach, you also don’t have to worry about matching or coordinating dressers!

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