In our Layout Guides series, you’ll find layout solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. We show you different ways to lay out a space—because we’re big believers in working with what you’ve got! Here, we’re breaking down all the ways to master a 12×14 bedroom layout.

12x14 bedroom layout

The Space: A 12×14 Bedroom

The Challenge: In this light-filled bedroom, two large windows and a walk-in closet have to be factored into the bedroom layout, which needs to include a place to sleep, additional storage, as well as a small dressing area that needs to double as a reading corner.

What’s also challenging with this 12×14 bedroom layout is its size. It’s not exactly a small bedroom, but with several big essential furniture pieces that need to be worked in, it can feel like you’re packing too much into a small bedroom layout. So what’s the best approach for a bedroom that’s functional, stylish, and feels spacious?

First you’ll want to make the most of any windows in the bedroom—more daylight means a more airy look and feel. Then optimize your bedroom layout with furniture that double up on function, like using dressers for nightstands or a chaise that works as a reading chair while also setting apart a dressing area. Finally, opt for bedroom accents that use vertical space instead of taking up floor space, which will help open up your bedroom layout.

To help you design an ideal bedroom layout, we’ve rounded up some quick and easy tips below that are sure to inspire you. From stylish and functional bedroom furniture to simple ways to arrange your pieces, read on to get some of our favorite bedroom layout ideas.

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Bedroom Layout #1: The Functional, Clean-Lined Bedroom

In this bedroom layout approach, the space is optimized for sleep and storage. The centerpiece is the large-scale bed, and it’s paired with a range of storage pieces with lots of drawers and shelves. The concealed storage helps minimize visual clutter throughout the bedroom. It gives a small bedroom layout feel that’s cozy rather than crowded.

Despite the bed’s large size, it’s placed in between the windows, which help keep it from feeling oversized in this bedroom. The proportional nightstand dressers also help balance out the look and feel of the bed in the overall bedroom layout.

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Additionally, compact furnishings help round out this bedroom layout with more function, such as the ladder bookshelf and the hanging mirror paired with the ottoman in one of the bedroom corners. A mix of graphic and modern black-and-white art also add to the streamlined look of this bedroom, which keeps the space from feeling like a small bedroom cramped with too many large furniture pieces.

12x14 bedroom layout

12x14 bedroom layout

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Add Bedroom Function Like A Minimalist

One of the best ways to maximize any bedroom layout is to place a minimalist-style dresser along the entry wall to leave an open walkway from the entrance to the bathroom door as well as all around. With the dresser also directly across from the bed, this creates an open flow in the overall bedroom layout. Not to mention, a minimalist wooden dresser also easily does triple duty as functional storage, a display surface and vanity, and a statement piece all on its own in any bedroom.

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Also, in this bedroom layout the floor length mirror alongside the dresser makes for a practical dressing corner in the bedroom that saves a ton of space. Likewise, the ottoman is the perfect compact bedroom accent to pull into the dressing corner as a moveable seat and footrest.

12x14 bedroom layout

Opt For A Scenic Backdrop

The king-size bed placed in between the two large windows also helps to play up an airy and open look in this bedroom layout. The placement adds an open backdrop behind the bed’s high headboard, and the windows—along with the curtains and nightstands—also help frame the sleeping area and create an overall balanced and symmetrical bedroom layout. The wall art above the bed also helps establish the spot as the main focal point in the bedroom.

12x14 bedroom layout

Lean Into Vertical Space

To further maximize vertical storage and display in this bedroom layout, a pair of leaning bookcases next to the bed offers an optimal place for books, accents, and additional bedside essentials, all while taking up minimal floor space. The tall bookcases also fill up the large blank wall and narrow space alongside the bed with a practical purpose. They also play nicely into the bedroom’s overall clean-lined and minimalist modern style.

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Bedroom Layout #2: The Restful, Dressed-Up Bedroom

With this bedroom layout design, the focus is on creating a multipurpose bedroom space with a seating corner that also functions as a dressing area. The key to this bedroom layout was merging the different areas and various furniture styles so that the overall bedroom looks and feels cohesive.

Also important was pulling in bedroom furnishings that evoked a sense of comfort and cozy throughout. The result is a palette of neutrals and soft tones that elevate as well as ease up the look and feel for this bedroom layout.

Finally, to warm up the modern pieces in this bedroom layout, we layered in lots of textures, from the rugs to the pillows and light woods and brass accents. These chic details helped fill out the room with a coziness you would only get in a small bedroom. To bring visual balance into this bedroom layout, modern artworks in gold frames draw focus to the moody-hued walls.

12x14 bedroom layout

Opt For Elevated Storage

Instead of a dresser, save on floor space with a tall wardrobe or armoire that’s elevated in height and style. This standing wardrobe fits perfectly between the big bedroom windows while also adding concealed storage to hang clothes. It’s a great option if your main bedroom has a large closet or a walk-in and you don’t need tons of extra storage. Given its minimal footprint, a slender armoire is also a great option if you’re working with a small bedroom layout.

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Set Up A Lounging Nook

The easiest way to instantly warm up a bedroom layout is to carve out a bedroom seating area or reading nook. In our bedroom layout, we opted for a chaise lounge near the window and paired it with a C-table and a floor lamp, creating the perfect reading nook and lounge corner. It’s great for reading, relaxing, and just laying down and resting after a long day, but we also designed it to easily function as a dressing area for this bedroom layout. To ground this space and set it apart from the rest of the room, we layered a sheepskin rug on top of the larger bedroom rug to connect this space with the bed area.

12x14 bedroom layout

Balance Your Bed With A View

With a wall that has two large windows and a seating corner, the bed placed along the opposite wall was the perfect way to balance out this bedroom layout. We also flanked the bed with matching nightstands and tall table lamps, which bring in a bit of symmetry that balances out the overall bedroom layout since the seating area is already off center. Finally, not only does it keep the bedroom feeling open and spacious, it also frees up the windows to let in lots of daylight as well as a nice view that can be seen from the bed.

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