When it comes to remodeling your home, kitchen renovations can be the most daunting. Since kitchens often require new appliances and cabinets, the cost alone can create stress—not to mention designing the right space.

But your kitchen remodel doesn’t have to break the bank or create stress! Surprisingly enough, there are many ways to save money on your next renovation project and have fun doing it. We’ve put together some of the top ways to save on your kitchen remodel, from refurbishing existing appliances to installing affordable kitchen flooring and refreshing accents.

If interior design isn’t your forte, we can help with our renovation design services. Whether tackling a DIY kitchen renovation or working with a contractor, discover nine clever budget kitchen remodel ideas to keep your renovation affordable and fun.

1. Update Countertops

Since design trends change frequently, countertops can become outdated rather quickly. Due to this, it can be challenging to spend a large chunk of your remodel budget on natural stone countertops, like marble and granite. That’s why it’s a good idea to revamp your existing countertops with inexpensive materials like laminate or paint.

Laminate countertops are created from a thin layer of plastic, paper, or board and manufactured with realistic, textured designs. The downside to laminate countertops is that they can become scratched over time, depending on the quality. On the other hand, if you don’t want to replace your countertops and they’re still structurally sound, you can use a couple of coats of paint to update the color and finish.

2. Refurbish Appliances

refurbished kitchen appliances

Appliances are single-handedly the most costly to replace when working on a kitchen remodel. New appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers are spendy. That’s why, when you’re on a budget, it’s a good idea to refurbish your kitchen appliances rather than replace them.

To refurbish your appliances, look for affordable replacement parts to ensure they function correctly. You may even be able to change the look of your appliances, depending on the replacement parts available. Alternatively, you can purchase refurbished appliances elsewhere to get the modern look you want at a lower cost than new ones.

3. Refresh Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a focal point for most remodeling projects—after all, they take up a lot of design space. Instead of buying brand new cabinets that will cost you more and require challenging installation, you can refresh your cabinets by painting and replacing hardware. Restoring your cabinets with a few coats of paint can completely transform them into the design style you’re looking for.

Choose a dark blue or green to make them stand out, or opt for white cabinets for a more traditional look. Along with a new coat of paint, you can replace the hardware to add extra modern flair. Replacing handles and knobs is an inexpensive way to refinish your cabinets and better match the rest of your kitchen remodel. Additionally, you can choose to replace the doors of your cabinets to avoid the mess of painting. While slightly more expensive than repainting, replacing just the cabinet doors can help save you money.

4. Add a Backsplash

kitchen sink with tile backsplash

If there’s one accent that can add a pop of contrast to your kitchen, it’s a backsplash. A backsplash will add dimension to your space, accentuating your countertops and newly refurbished appliances.

Choose a bold design, like marble or a statement color, for a daring modern look. Or, keep it traditional with a white or cream subway tile backsplash. Looking for something a little more memorable? Try hanging small-framed art above your countertops to create a unique twist on the classic backsplash.

5. Install Vinyl Flooring

When working on a kitchen remodel, flooring is another substantial cost. Thankfully, there are some affordable flooring trends to achieve the style you want without going over your budget. One of the top ideas is to install vinyl flooring over natural wood or traditional tile.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is an increasingly popular flooring option given its affordability, easy installation process, and durability. It can also be installed over the subfloor, saving money on new underlayment. Luxury vinyl is thicker and more durable than standard vinyl tile, making it a great option for a DIY kitchen remodel. Choose from different LVT styles, including wood, tile, and stone, to create the perfect flooring look for your new kitchen.

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6. Reuse Decorative Accents

Don’t throw out your old kitchen decorative accents just yet! Instead of buying all new accent pieces, consider reusing your current pieces in a new way or upcycling them by painting or refinishing them to get the look you want without spending a ton.

Reusing and refinishing existing kitchen pieces, like a bar cart, buffet, or breakfast nook, can save you money by avoiding new purchases with a bit of DIY work. You can also use other household items to upcycle, like an old dresser or side tables, to construct a more sustainable approach to remodeling the look of your dreams.

7. Use Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Whether you’re looking to add a backsplash or accent wall to your kitchen, peel and stick wallpaper is an excellent alternative to traditional wallpaper or natural stone tile. Not only is creating a peel and stick accent wall cost-effective, but it’s also simple to install, making it a great DIY option.

Peel and stick wallpaper is inexpensive and comes in a variety of wallpaper designs and surfaces, like woven fabric, embossed, or textured. Peel and stick wallpaper most commonly comes in a roll of thin material that features an adhesive strip on the backside. You can apply it on walls, kitchen islands, or any fixture with a flat surface to transform the look of your space.

8. Install New Fixtures

kitchen with marble center island

For a budget-friendly kitchen remodel, upgrading your current hardware is an affordable way to uplevel your look. From your drawers to your cabinets and appliances, your new kitchen fixtures must match accordingly to create a cohesive look.

You can achieve this, along with a more modern appearance, by installing new matching hardware accents. This includes knobs, handles, light fixtures, and any other hardware that could use a refresh. Choose stainless steel for a contemporary look, polished nickel or chrome for a timeless look, or brass for added glamor. While simple, these updates help to elevate the look of the entire room.

9. Refresh the Lighting

Lastly, replace or refurbish your current light fixtures to adjust the mood of your new kitchen.  Flush-mount lights sit directly on your ceiling and are sold at a lower price than semi-flush lights that hang down slightly.

But for a more dramatic effect, you can choose pendant lights that hang lower and feature a superior visual impact. Hang one or two pendant lights above your kitchen island to provide ample lighting and connect to your overall design.

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FAQs About Budget Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Along with these nine budget kitchen remodel ideas, you may be wondering how much it will cost and how to create a budget for your project. Before you get started on your kitchen remodel, read answers to the most frequently asked questions about budget-friendly kitchen remodel ideas.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Update a Kitchen?

When looking for the cheapest way to update a kitchen, use the above remodeling ideas for an affordable renovation project. Along with these nine ideas, choosing a DIY remodel can save you money on contractor costs. To update your kitchen in the most affordable way, use DIY-friendly materials like peel and stick wallpaper, vinyl flooring, and upcycled fixtures to ensure you can do all of the remodel work yourself.

How Do I Create a Budget for a Kitchen Remodel?

When looking to create a budget for your kitchen remodel, it’s essential that you lay out your renovation plans first. To do this, decide on the design style you want, the fixtures that need updating, and the materials you’ll be using—including paint, flooring, appliance parts, countertop material, and wallpaper.

Once you have a list together, you’ll then estimate the cost of all of your materials. It’s a good idea to overestimate your budget by around 10-20% to ensure you budget for mistakes and mishaps along the way. Be sure to include any additional costs for expert help and contractors if needed.

Can You Redo a Kitchen for $5,000?

The cost of a kitchen remodel ultimately depends on the design and materials you choose, along with the number of changes needed. While it’s entirely possible to redo a kitchen for $5,000, it’s not common. To keep your remodel as affordable as possible, you’ll need to follow the above options to update your current fixtures in a budget-friendly way.

In general, most homeowners plan on a minimum of $20,000 for a complete kitchen renovation. Of course, the types of cabinets you choose, countertop materials, and new vs. refurbished appliances will all impact your budget.

Your Dream Kitchen, Achieved!

Now you don’t have to wait to get the kitchen of your dreams. Use the above affordable kitchen remodel ideas to create a budget that works for you and allows you to create your dream kitchen. From affordable trends to DIY projects, using our tips will ensure your project stays within your budget and still looks beautiful.

Need a little help creating the style you want? Our interior design experts can help you create the kitchen of your dreams. From “dream kitchen” to “your kitchen,” we can help!


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