Stylists Picks: 6 Best Gifts for New Homeowners

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Buying a home is a life milestone worth celebrating. But it can also be an extremely stressful time, with all the paperwork and packing and moving and decorating. And as the friend of a new homeowner, buying a housewarming gift can be pretty stress-inducing too! What to get that’s meaningful but doesn’t impose a design style on them? What’s too little or too much? Where to even begin?? To help you out, our stylist rounded up our favorite easy and thoughtful ideas for new homeowner gifts that aren’t a bottle of wine. Though, let’s be real, no one will complain about that one!

1. Candles

Candles are a fan favorite for housewarming gifts. They immediately cozy up a room and create a serene ambiance. We love soy candles for their clean-burning qualities – and bonus points if the scent is crafted with essential oils! This is a simple, lovely welcome gift for your new homeowner friends.

2. Coffee Table Books

Help you friend show off their style and sophistication with a lovely coffee table book. Simply pick one that goes along with their interests – whether it’s design, art, architecture, or even pop culture. You know your friends best, so find something that would inspire and delight them!

3. Door Mat

A doormat is probably not the first thing on the shopping list of a new homeowner, but it’s an item that helps set the tone and style for the rest of their home! This makes a welcome mat a lovely way to celebrate a new home and a great gift for new homeowners. We love welcome mats with a cute saying or sweet pattern. Though you could also go custom and opt for a personalized saying if your friend has a signature catchphrase!

4. Potted or Fake Plant

Who doesn’t want a feeling of life and vibrancy in their new home? This makes a bit of greenery a great way to celebrate a friend’s new digs. Whether its a real or fake plant (you know your friends best, after all), pick one that suits them and personalize it further with a cute pot or basket. If space is at a premium, opt for something small. Succulents are favorites of ours for their low-maintenance existence and loads of desert minimal style!

5. Coasters

A coaster set is a small gift, but one that will get a lot of use over the years. With so many style options, you can certainly find a set that suits your friend’s style. Our favorite part? They’re decorative, but unlike an art piece, you’re not making a major design decision for your new homeowners.

6. Modsy Design Package

Ready to get the friend-of-the-year award? Gift your friend a Modsy design package! Designing a new home can be stressful, but we help make it easy with designs that showcase exactly how new furniture will look and fit in their new home. And since you can shop hundreds of brands right through our website, we can save your friend the hassle of shopping for furniture and decor at a million different stores. Just imagine all the fun you’ll have browsing design ideas together! Trust us, this one will be a definite hit.

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  1. Chris Pederson says:

    I think I’ll get my brother and his wife a doormat to help celebrate their new home. I’ll get one that represents one of our favorite TV shows. His wife might not like it so I don’t know if he’ll actually end up using it.


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