11 Stylish Hanukkah Menorahs for Design Lovers

hanukkah menorahsHanukkah is just around the corner (it starts on December 22nd this year), so if you’re celebrating the eight-day Festival of Light, it’s almost time to pull out your menorah.

Whether you have a cherished heirloom menorah or one that was passed down through your family, this is the time of year to give them pride of place on your fireplace mantel or dining table.

For those of you who are looking for Hanukkah menorahs that better reflect your decor style, or if you’re thinking about gifting one to someone you love, we’ve rounded up 11 chic and stylish menorahs that will make any design lover swoon.

1. Gold Tree Branch Menorah

This sparkling gold menorah gives off a gorgeous naturalist vibe. The organic shape is a whimsical twist that makes it a chic standout. Just imagine how beautiful it will look on a mantel with candle light reflecting off the gold. It’s a definite conversation starter in any home and setting, be it classic and formal or modern and eclectic.

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2. Origami Menorah

This folded paper-inspired menorah checks all of our cool modern design boxes. It’s intricate, it’s fun, and it’s perfectly eye-catching. The grooved design adds visual texture and we love it with colorful candles, which gives it a lighthearted, casual appeal. It’s perfect for any modern setting or as a great gift idea!

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stylish menorahs3. Brass Menorah

The geometric design of this sleek modern menorah is ideal if you like a simple but glam vibe. The brass adds warmth while the ladder-like base provides bold sculptural appeal. It will look perfect crowning a mantel or as a centerpiece surrounded by greenery, dreidels, and gelt on a dining table.

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4. Marble and Walnut Menorah

It doesn’t get more contemporary and luxe than this marble and walnut menorah. The simple-chic design lets the beautifully textured materials be the star of the show. This piece is also perfectly on-trend as we’ve been swooning over black marble, which has recently had a moment in the design spotlight. This one’s for those of you who want something that has an understated design but still packs a punch.

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stylish menorahs5. Ascalon Menorah

This minimalist menorah is pure luxury. The simple and modern design with Carrara marble gives it a sophisticated and elegant air, making it perfect for any design enthusiast looking to invest in a true work of art. We see it as a bold modern statement in any interior.

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6. Cast-Iron Menorah

Made from a single piece of cast iron, this classic-shaped menorah designed by Josh Owens is part of the permanent collection in The National Museum of American Jewish History. The strong and sculptural design feels modern and traditional at the same time, making it a timeless showpiece that can elevate any surface in a room, no matter your space.

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7. Ceramic Dachshund Menorah

Cuteness overload! This whimsical dachshund menorah design is playful, cheeky, and oh-so precious, especially if you’re celebrating with kids. Naturally, this is classic Jonathan Adler style, and it’s a great Hanukkah menorah if you’re looking for something unique, unexpected, and utterly adorable.

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8. Modern Glass Menorah

If you want a luxurious and design-forward piece, look no further than this crystal menorah. Both the castle-structured design with the elevated middle section and the classic blue and white color combo here make for unique twists on the traditional menorah. It’s just the piece if you want something that’s sophisticated yet minimal and adds a pop of Hanukkah color.

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9. Rainbow Rings Menorah

For something playful and colorful, we’re loving this stoneware menorah that is entirely handmade and hand-painted. Created by ceramicist Michele Quan in New York City, the bold colors and sculptural design capture the artisanal spirit of the piece. For anyone looking for a menorah to go with their eclectic or boho decor, this is a great option.

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10. Rachel Menorah

Streamlined and elegant, this contemporary menorah is made with a high-shine aluminum that provides it with a sparkling finish. The slender form makes this the perfect piece if you’re looking for a sleek update to a traditional design.

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11. Marble & Brass Menorah

For a high-style option, this rough-hewn marble menorah design has a softness to it that feels like freshly fallen snow. It has a cool, crisp look and we love the brass detail as a glimmering metallic contrast. If you like a little glam with your decor, this one will definitely inject some instant chic style.

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