“What size rug should I get?” It’s one of the most common design questions we get and it can be difficult finding the right one. It’s understandable since rugs can be expensive, so it’s natural to want to go with a smaller rug to spend less and figure out how to make it fit into a room.

However, one of the most common design mistakes is buying a rug that’s too small for your room. A rug that’s too small (or too large) can completely undermine a great room design, so it’s important to consider size first and foremost in relation to your space.

For guidance, here’s our guide to the most common rug sizes for your home. Plus, get our tips for how to choose the right rug size for different rooms along the way!

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Best Uses for 3’ x 5’ Rugs

This is a standard rug size and a great jumping-off point. It’s on the smaller side, and you can scale up or down from this size for a rug that’s proportional to your space.

Best For: Hallways, kitchens, entryways, and smaller rooms or areas

how do i choose the right rug size

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You can layer one in the bedroom

3’ x 5’ rugs are great accent rugs for smaller areas. So they’re perfect rugs to layer at end of the bed. Here, the blue-and-white striped rug is just the right size for accentuating the leather stools.


4x6 size rug in entryway

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You can anchor hallways with one

3’ x 5’ rugs are small and rectangular in size, which means they’re often perfectly scaled for hallways. Use one to anchor your entryway, making sure to leave enough room on all sides (6” minimum from the wall) for a stylish and durable landing.

Best Uses for 5’ x 7’ Rugs

Slightly larger and more rectangular in size, a 5’ x7’ foot rug is great for filling out a boxier space or a small room with a square or rectangular shape.

Best For: Offices, smaller bedrooms, large entryways

4x6 size vintage rug in entryway

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Use one to fill out an entryway

5’ x 7’ rugs are ideal foundations in spacious entryways and mudrooms. Whereas an 8’ x 10’ rug is often too big and a 3’ x 5’ rug is too tiny, a 5’ x 7’ rug offers perfect-size coverage here.

boho home office with writing desk and wicker chair

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Use one to accent a work area

A 5’ x 7’ rug is also great for delineating zones in open spaces. Here, a 5’ x 7’ accent rug under the floating desk adds visual contrast and color but also anchors the workspace. It works because the rug is proportional to the desk size and the chair is able to fully sit on top of the rug.

Best Uses for 5’ x 8’ Rugs

This is a slightly larger, in-between rug size. It’s sometimes too small to use alone in a large living room, but they’re perfect when layered over larger rugs, like an 8’ x 10’ one.

Best For: Offices, kids bedrooms, and dens or studio apartments

how do i choose the right rug size

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Center one in a small kids bedroom

5’ x 8’ rugs are made for tighter quarters, like a small kid’s bedroom. It works best when it’s centered in a space, with furniture lining the walls. In a bedroom, you can get away with more pattern on a 5’ x 8’ rug because it’s still smaller in size and won’t overwhelm the room.


modern bedroom with layered rugs, spindle bed and grey walls

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Pair one with an 8’ x 10’ rug

5’ x 8’ rugs are ideal for layering with an 8’ x 10’ rug. The two are perfectly proportional in size. Here, the 5’ x 8’ rug alone would be dwarfed by the bed and stools. But placed over an 8’ x 10’ jute rug, they fill out the space beautifully, adding depth and contrasting colors from the floor up.

Best Uses for 8’ x 10’ Rugs

Think of these as standard large size rugs. If you’re looking to fill a large room or an open-concept space, this is a good size to start with and scale up from.

Best For: Living rooms, dining rooms, and primary bedrooms

how do i choose the right rug size

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Ground your living room with one

An 8’ x 10’ layered over an even larger  9’ x 12’ rug is a foolproof combo for any large living room. They can unify furniture pieces by visually pulling all the pieces together on top. With a very large room, an 8’ x 10’ rug would likely not be big enough alone, so it’s good to layer it on top of a larger rug to extend its reach and coverage so that furniture legs can all sit on top.

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how do i choose the right rug size

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Use one to frame a dining room

Just like in a living room, an 8’ x 10’ rug will fit underneath most standard size dining tables. You want to make sure the dining chair legs fit entirely on top of the rug, and that it extends all around so as to accommodate end chairs when they’re added as well.

Best Uses for 9’ x 12’ Rugs

These large rugs are meant to be statement pieces that fill out spacious rooms. Think of them as artworks for your floors, because they’re captivating focal points all on their own.

Best For: Living rooms and primary bedrooms

how do i choose the right rug size

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Connect floating living room furniture with one

A bold 9’ x 12’ rug alone can be a stylish foundation that brings together floating furniture in a living room. Here, the furniture is still spaced out enough without feeling cramped together because the rug covers a large area the reaches the front legs of all the pieces. This is one of our favorite rug sizes for living rooms.


how do i choose the right rug size

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Bring symmetry to a large dining space with one

With a large 9’ x 12’ rug, it’s good to take advantage of its size to bring balance and symmetry to a larger dining room set. A large dining table, especially one with glass, will appear more anchored over a large rug. Choose a rug pattern that plays up lines to add instant symmetry.


how do i choose the right rug size

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Cozy up a whole bedroom with one

A 9’ x 12’ rug will ground a large kind bed beautifully in a spacious bedroom. The large rug will feel proportional, providing space on all sides and the end of the bed for wide nightstands and a long bench. At the same time, the rug still feels cozy because it fills out the room. With a bedroom, it’s better to keep to a solid rug versus one that has busy patterns and colors.

Best Uses for 12’ x 15’ Rugs

Simply put, these grand rugs are made for the grandest of spaces. So if you’re working with an open floor plan, this is a great rug size option.

Best For: Grand living rooms and bedrooms

how do i choose the right rug size

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Warm-up a cavernous living space

A 12’ x 15’ rug is reserved for large and open living rooms that can feel cold and cavernous without it. Here, the rug helps zone the seating area while anchoring the whole room with a sense of warmth, color, and texture.


how do i choose the right rug size

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Use one in place of carpet in a bedroom

A 12’ x 15’ rug is large enough that, in a bedroom, it can look and feel almost like a carpet that runs wall-to-wall. A solid color one, like jute, makes for a cozy and neutral foundation that offers amazing coverage with wood floors, and it’s great for layering underneath a patterned rug.

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Best Uses for Runner Rugs

Long and narrow, runners are chic and versatile rug options if you’re looking to add a bit of color, texture, and padding to smaller areas.

Best For: Hallways, entryways, kitchens, and in front of fireplaces

rustic entryway with raw wood console table

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Roll one out in your foyer

Try 2.5’ x 7.5’ runners, which are perfect for entry halls, especially narrow foyers. A 2.5’ x 7.5’ is the perfect size to add a bit of color and softness to define the zone in the front door area. It’s also a great practical choice for catching dirt before people enter your home.


how do i choose the right rug size

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Add one in front of a fireplace

A colorful or textured runner is a great way to bring focus to your fireplace. Lay one down so that it runs horizontally in front of the fireplace to set off the area and bring a bit of texture and softness to your mantel spot.


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