The Ultimate Modsy Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List!

2020 decor trendsIt’s that time of year again! Gift giving season is just around the corner and if you’re like us, you’re already well on your way with holiday shopping.

Still, one of the biggest hurdles of gifting each year is finding the right gift ideas for those few people who are always hard to shop for. Think the hostess who has everything, the person who’s obsessed with their dog (or cat or any other animal), the new baby mama and papa.

Wondering what to get for all these unique, fun, quirky, and hard-to-shop-for people in your life? Our design experts have you covered!

We’ve pulled together our Modsy gift guide with home decor accents that are sure to delight all kinds of personalities—but are also perfect for anyone you’re struggling to find the right present for on your list. Get ready to ace the gift exchange this year with these gift ideas for every home-centric personality!

homebody gift ideasFor The Homebody

We all have that friend or family member who loves a good night in over going out. Given the option of dinner at a nice restaurant or takeout and Netflix, chances are they’ve already got the movie picked out. And they love WFH days as much as they love a relaxed, lazy Sunday.

What To Give Them:

Help them get their cozy on with gifts that say ‘Why go out when you can lounge out?’ and make sure it’s something they’ll love staying in with. You want to help make their home the place to be and where they’ll always find their zen.

Our Stylists’ Top Picks:

  • Cozy Throws — Every homebody needs a luxurious blankie they can wrap around themselves in and use between the bedroom and the living room.
  • Crystals — Just the thing to help them usher in some big, positive energy for the coming year. Many are supposed to inspire calm in addition to being chic, trendy decorative accents.
  • Soy Wax Candles — Because a well-scented home makes for a space they’ll never want to leave (and you’ll love being invited to).
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gift ideas for hostsFor The Host With The Most

They’re your friend who loves to entertain. You know, the person who’s a great cook and a great host, who always throws a great soiree, and knows their way around a charcuterie board.

What To Give Them:

When you’re shopping for your friend who loves throwing parties and bringing people together, gift them something that will help them ace their role as the best host.

Our Stylists’ Top Picks:

  • Cool-Looking Classic Board Games — The perfect gift idea for helping them keep guests entertained while they focus on the cooking and party prep.
  • Chic Glass Decanter — They’re classier than alcohol bottles and will majorly up their hosting game. Plus they just look great atop a bar cabinet or displayed on the living room tables.
  • Marble Wine Cooler — Functional and stylish and just the thing every host needs to keep the bubbly flowing all night long.
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gift guide pet loversFor The Animal Lovers

Your friends with pets, your friends who desperately want pets, or just those friends who love a good animal portrait (you know who we’re talking about!).

What To Give Them:

Pet lovers can be a tough one especially if you’re not an animal parent yourself. Give them something that will help their pet enjoy being in the home or simply something that celebrates what awesome companions they are.

Our Stylists’ Top Picks:

  • Pet Pillow — From stylish dog beds to mini cat towers, gift your friends with pets something they’ll love and that isn’t a total eye sore.
  • Cute Toys — You can’t go wrong with a little fun toy that will keep the pets busy and entertained on their own. Think chewy stuffed toys to cat wands.
  • Animal Art — For any animal lover across the board, charming dog or cat or animal art will warm their hearts like nothing else.
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modsy gift guideFor The New Parents

Your friends who are (or about to be) new moms and dads. They’re busy and they’re probably a little stressed with the holidays and also their new babe. They cherish their time with family and friends, nonetheless, and they’ll have a very specific wishlist of things they’re needing and wanting.

What To Give Them:

The gift ideas here are endless, but that’s always where it can get tricky. What to actually get! Something that helps them celebrate their wonderful addition to their family as well as make their jobs as mamas and/or papas easier is always welcome.

  • Snuggly Quilted Blanket — Every babe needs one and the parents do too, especially when they’re falling asleep together on the glider. This is a great wrap that’ll grow with them also!
  • Stuffed Toys — Find a fun and cute one that babe can make friends with. Kids and parents always love an adorable stuffed animal.
  • Espresso maker — To help your tired parent friends get through those long days and nights! They’ll so appreciate this. Trust us.
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For The Design Snob

Finally, there’s the friend who’s the hardest to shop for, always. They’re the cool, trendy friend who loves it when you ask ‘Where’d you get that?’ about something in their home.

What To Give Them:

This one’s always tricky and can be frustrating to shop for. Just remember that it’s because they know what they like. Give them a gift they’ll be impressed by, which means unique objects, items that “have a story,” and things that are a little unexpected.

Our Stylists’ Top Picks:

  • Worldly Art — The key to finding artwork for a friend is to pick something that’s personal to the both of you and your friendship. Find a special print or frame something that reminds you of them.
  • Cool Decorative Object — An amazing sculptural or a pretty metallic item are always welcome presents. They’re chic and functional, a win-win!
  • Eclectic Pillow — A brightly patterned pillow made of a unique fabric or with a distinct print is always a special gift.
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