Stylist Picks: The 10 Best Poufs for any Room

best poufsOver the past few years, poufs have made a serious splash in rooms of all styles. They’ve become one of our all-time favorite decorative accessories here at Modsy, and we use the best poufs in our customers room designs all the time.

Not sure what a pouf is? It’s basically a cushioned footstool – or an oversized, overstuffed pillow, depending on who you ask. But the uses go far beyond footstools. Different poufs have different levels of firmness, and the material they’re made with are definitely a factor in how they can function in your room. Beyond footstools, they can also become a makeshift seating option, an improvised side table, a kid-proof coffee table (no sharp, hard edges here!), or just a pop of personality in your space.

Regardless of how you use them, and even if their use switches from day to day in your space, we’re big believers in poufs as a functional design element in any home. To help you find the best poufs for your home, our stylists have rounded up a few of our favorites!

best poufs1. Leather Moroccan Pouf

This super sturdy option adds a pop of warmth to your room with its rich leather exterior. The goat skin leather is soft but will be able to withstand the wear and tear of kids and pets. And the intricate stitching adds an eclectic vibe with Moroccan influences.

2. Zona Hand-Woven Pouf

This pouf adds a pop of color and texture to any space. The fringe gives it a playful vibe while the texture and pattern give it a lot of visual interest. It’s a sturdy option that will keep its shape, but it’s still lightweight enough to move around.

3. Braided Jute Floor Cushion

A different take on the traditional pouf, this piece is lower to the ground, making it more of a floor cushion. But we still love it. The natural jute exterior and dense filling make this a great reclining seating option when you feel like lounging around – but it’s sturdy enough so you could stack to for an easy side “table” when guests come over!

4. Anthracite Pouf

While at first glance this pouf looks like it’s made with a thick cotton weave, look closer and you’ll find that it’s actually made of woven strips of leather. This gives it a very unique look and feel, creating an incredible statement and conversation piece that’s perfect for a more contemporary style.

5. Cream Shiprock Modern Pouf

This pouf has some seriously southwestern vibes and adds a pop of geometric pattern to your space. Its woven wool exterior is durable without sacrificing a bit of style.

6. Black Malmo Texture Pouf

This two-tone pouf boasts both comfort and style. The hand-knitted construction adds texture and helps give a warm and inviting air to your space. It makes for an easy, comfortable extra seat – and the two-tone style can be flipped either way for a variable look.

best poufs7. Labyrinth Pouf

This eye-catching pouf features a geometric labyrinth pattern that works in a variety of interiors – from eclectic and rustic to all-out glam. And, unlike most options, this one features an interior wood frame for added stability and durability, making it a perfect makeshift table or seating option.

8. Bermuda Pouf

This guy is one of our best-sellers – and for good reason. It’s everything a pouf should be – sturdy but comfortable, visually striking, versatile – and nothing it shouldn’t be. With its jute construction, it adds natural texture to any space while also being highly durable.

9. Leather Pouf

If you’re looking to add a pop of warmth to your space, this leather number definitely fits the bill. But unlike the first leather pouf featured above, there’s nothing bohemian about this one. In fact, its clean lines and simple construction give it an elegant feeling, and the natural leather grain will age beautifully. You could even up the formality factor with two of these side-by-side in your living room.

10. Camel Palmetto Transitional Pouf

White and camel stripes add versatility and nautical vibes to any space. Made of cotton, this pouf is durable, comfortable, and oh-so-charming. It will effortlessly add warmth and comfort to your space.

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  1. michael cluney says:

    i am thoroughly taken by the abstract picture hanging on the dark charcoal wall in the room showing off THE 10 BEST POUFS.

    the title over the room setting with THE 10 BEST POUFS is (stylist picks: THE 10 BEST POUFS FOR ANY ROOM)
    SEPT 6, 2019

    my question is: is that picture for sale or where can i find it locally?

    i am in the Detroit metro area

    Michael Cluney
    313 271 8556

    • Jake says:

      Thanks for asking! That piece is from Chelsea Art Studio titled
      Prismatic Lines. You can actually shop everything in this post by following the link at the bottom of the page.


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