If you’re designing a bedroom from scratch, or even if you’re just giving your current set-up a facelift, you might be wondering what furniture is necessary to include and what you can go ahead and skip if you’re short on space. Well, we’re here to help you through the process! With our interior design buying guides, we’ll walk you through the essential pieces for a space, the nice-to-haves, and the little touches that make a space shine.

At Modsy, we’re experts in helping people transform their bedrooms into havens of relaxation and comfort—whether you have a ton of space to work with or are just trying to squeeze a sleeping space into a studio apartment. And with that expertise, we can guide you through the pieces you absolutely can’t live without and what you can wait on and save for.

Today, we’re giving you a bedroom furniture checklist of what you should absolutely include in your bedroom (a bed!) and what pieces help when it comes to functionality, organization, and relaxation. Because bedrooms really should be a place where you can unwind at the end of each day and get ready to face a new day each morning!

empty room with white walls and wood floors

Early Considerations

But first things first—how much does it actually cost to design a bedroom from scratch? Well, it can vary quite significantly and totally depends on your tastes and needs for the space. Depending on what those are, your total cost could go up or down. But here are some general price ranges for the essentials:

  • Opening Price Point: $2,500
  • Mid-Range Price Point: $5,000
  • High Price Point $8,000+

So, take stock of what you need and how much you’re able to spend on everything combined to keep within a comfortable price range. To help you figure this out, we’ve also included a general price range for each piece of furniture in our bedroom buying guide.

Other considerations? The size of your bedroom and how you want to use the space. This can help determine if you have space for a king bed or just a queen. It can also help guide your decisions on if you’d like to add a sitting area or perhaps a small desk. Ultimately, the extras you include beyond the must-have pieces depend on your bedroom size and how you want to make use of the rest of the room.

Now, on to our bedroom furniture checklist!

The Bedroom Essentials

When you design a bedroom, these must-have pieces of furniture are where you’ll want to start. They establish the function of the space and make it what it is—primarily, a place to sleep and get ready for your day. But that doesn’t mean these pieces are just about function. They can also help establish the interior design style of your space!

grey bedroom with platform white bed

Bed Frame + Mattress

One of your most basic bedroom furniture needs? A bed. (It’s not really a bedroom without a bed!) Start by choosing a bed size and mattress. Bed sizes will depend on your personal preferences, and the size of your room. If you’re single, you may just want a full or queen bed, but couples tend to go for a queen or king. If you have kids or pets that crawl into bed with you—then probably the bigger the better!

Once you’ve landed on bed sizes, you get to choose a bed frame. This is where style preferences come into play. There are so many different types of beds—from just a utilitarian metal bed frame or minimalist platform bed to a fully upholstered bed and headboard and so much more! Think about if you want a more trendy, stylish bed or something more timeless that can be used for years. And consider your lifestyle, too. Do you want something low maintenance or have pets with lots of fur? Opt for a solid wood headboard instead of an upholstered bed. If you like to read in bed at night, a high upholstered headboard may be good for you. If you need extra storage, look for a storage bed or one that sits high off the floor so you can place bins underneath.

Check out our bed frame style guide for more information! (And remember, some bed frames necessitate the use of a box spring, while others don’t!)

Stylist Tip: Consider where your bed will go in your space. If you have low ceilings, a king canopy bed might not work. If you want to place your bed under a window, look for a bed with a low headboard.

Price Range: $300-$5,000

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carved natural wood nightstand with books, greenery and ceramic lamp on top


Another bedroom furniture necessity? Nightstands. Nightstands go next to your bed, and you can either have one on each side or just have one, depending on the size of your bedroom or your needs. They offer very necessary and practical storage and surface space next to the bed—offering you a place for a lamp, books, a glass of water, your phone, and more!

There are many different types of nightstands, and if you have two they can either be identical or mismatched. It all depends on your style preferences! (Like the mismatched look? Check out our guide to mismatched nightstands.) Just make sure it fits your needs. If you need drawer storage space or a larger surface area, put that into consideration! From there, simply find a nightstand style you like, then make sure it’s the proper height in comparison to your bed so it will be comfortable to use when you’re sitting in bed. Our nightstand size guide has more info on that.

Price Range: $100-1,000

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neutral palette transitional style bedroom

Clothing Storage

Even if you have a closet, you’ll probably want a secondary source of clothing storage in your bedroom. Dressers or armoires are typically better for clothing that needs to be folded—plus, dressers offer surface space to display decor or put practical items like trays and jewelry boxes, or even a TV. You can choose from many different styles of dressers, from a long and narrow dresser with six drawers to a tallboy dresser that’s narrow and tall. Need more storage space for hanging dresses or tall clothing than your closet allows? An armoire can be effective as clothing storage, too. But whatever style of bedroom storage furniture you choose, it should feel like it blends in with the vibe of the rest of the space, since a dresser or armoire is the second largest item in a bedroom after your bed! But before choosing a size and style, make sure you measure your space to guarantee the dresser can fit through doorways and comfortably fit within your bedroom.

If you like the idea of matching furniture sets, you can find dressers that match your nightstands or other elements in your space. Often, furniture designers will design dresser sets as well, with one tallboy and one lower, longer dresser if you have space for two pieces. If you like antiques, dressers are a great way to incorporate an antique element into your space. Most antique dressers have simple designs and are made of solid wood so you can have them for a long time and even pass them down in the future! Dressers can definitely be investment pieces, though, with material impacting price. As you’d expect, the more solid and quality the build and material, the more expensive. Dressers can be made of solid wood, medium density fiberboard, or even plastic or metal (and many mixes in between).

Price Range: $300 – $3,000

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modern rustic bedroom with leather accents and buffalo check curtains

Window Treatments

If you have windows in your bedroom (and hopefully you do), having privacy is important—especially if you live in an apartment or if your bedroom window is close to a neighbor’s house. Plus, for quality sleep, you want to be able to block out light, so some type of window covering is necessary.

Styles of window treatments vary greatly. You can have simple roller shades, wooden blinds, roman shades, or full drapes. You can even have a mix—having both functional shades and stationary drapes. And with drapes, there’s a lot of variety—from airy linens and light cottons to heavy velvets and blackout curtains. The cost of window treatments will also vary greatly, depending on what style of window treatment you choose, the size of your windows, if the window treatments are custom, and how many layers you have.

Price Range: $20-$300 per panel

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Bedroom Nice-to-Haves

Once you have your must-have pieces in place, you can consider what extras you have the space and need

dark grey walls with blue and white artwork

Task & Accent Lighting

Lighting is essential in every room of your house. And, while many bedrooms have both overhead and natural ambient lighting, additional task and accent lighting is nice to have. Table lamps on your bedside table (or sconces hung above them) give you soft lighting for the evening, while floor lamps or other table lamps and sconces give additional lighting to other corners of your bedroom. And don’t forget about candles, which add lovely ambiance to your bedroom! Ultimately, having light sources other than your overhead light gives you more flexibility to tailor your lighting throughout the day. (Especially in the evening when you want your space to feel cozier!)

Price Range: $50-$1,000

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French colonial style wingback chair with grey velvet upholstery


Having a place to sit in your bedroom can add a nice functional and stylistic touch—whether it’s a stool or small upholstered dining chair or a full-on bedroom seating area with a lounge chair or loveseat! What you choose greatly depends on the space you have available in your bedroom and how you want to use the space. If you want to lounge and read, a loveseat or large chair would be nice. But if you just want a place to sit and fold laundry, a simple upholstered bench at the end of the bed can work perfectly. Just remember that the seating you choose should fit right in with the style and scale of your space. You don’t want to cramp your bedroom by squeezing in a chair that doesn’t fit!

Price Range: $50-$1,000+

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arched iron bed with vintage style red rug


Rugs add style and functionality to a bedroom. Functionally, they help insulate a room (especially if you have a wood or tile floor) and are great sound barriers. In a loft or a large room with hardwood floors, they can help dampen noise and keep the space from feeling echoey. But stylistically, they can help pull the whole space together with their colors, patterns, and materials. You can opt for something simple like a jute rug or go for a Turkish rug that brings lots of color and pattern into your space! And sizing definitely matters—you want a rug that covers a good bit of flooring under your bed! Check out our bedroom rug size guide for more details!

Price Range: $350-$10,000

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bedroom corner with floor mirror and off-white chaise lounge


Most people get dressed and ready for the day in their bedroom—so a mirror, while not a necessity, is very nice to have for outfit checks and doing your hair and makeup. Try putting a mirror above or beside your dresser for a complete dressing area. If you have room for a full-length mirror, we love the look of a leaning floor mirror—but a beautiful wall mirror is great, too! Mirrors are also great double duty items; not only are they practical, but they can also act as decor in your space. So, pick one that coordinates with the style of your space! And remember: mirrors can be expensive, but quality is key to make sure it’s stable and the glass doesn’t warp.

Stylist Tip: Since mirrors help reflect light, they can help a small bedroom feel larger! Even a smaller hanging mirror will help in a small bedroom design.

Price Range: $100-$1,000

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Bedroom Finishing Touches

To make your bedroom feel truly complete, add some finishing touches. These decorative items will drive home the style of your space and bring in some personality and life!

modern leather bed with stool as nightstand and large artwork hanging beside bed


Artwork adds color, pattern, style, and a personal touch to your bedroom design. It can be a whole gallery wall or just a single piece of art; what you choose depends on the style of your space and what look you want to achieve. But it should coordinate with the design of the space and be safe (no heavy frames over the bed!). If you don’t want artwork, you could also frame personal family photos or your own photography in your bedroom, which adds a very personal touch. And, while original artwork can be quite expensive, you can find prints for very reasonable prices.

Price Range: $40-$5,000

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Bent iron headboard with gallery wall above it

Throw Pillows

Besides the pillows you sleep on, throw pillows add a lot to your bedroom. They help give your bed a polished look and are a great way to add color and pattern to your bedroom. They’re also great for leaning on while reading or for propping up a book or laptop! As for the amount, that’s totally up to you. You can pile eight throw pillows on to a big bed or just choose one for a more minimalist look. (Just remember that you’ll have to take them off and put them back on each day—so choose an amount based on the amount of work you want to put in each day!) In terms of style, throw pillows should contrast with your bedding, but also coordinate in some way.

Stylist Tip: Since throw pillows are relatively inexpensive, you can easily switch them out seasonally or when you want to make a style change! A simple way to update the look of your bedroom!

Price Range: $25-$150 per pillow

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carved wood white dresser with blue painted wall


A pop of greenery is just the thing to give a bedroom that finished feel! Greenery adds texture, color, and a sense of life and hominess to a space. And with so many realistic faux plants, you can go for the fake ones if you don’t have a green thumb! You can go for a big plant in the corner, or just put a sprig of eucalyptus in a vase on your dresser—or any mix of sizes in between! Another option? Fresh flowers in a vase that you swap out weekly. Whatever size and style you choose, it’s a great way to add a bright, finishing touch to your bedroom! Just be conscientious of price. Fresh flowers can be $10 for a grocery store bundle, but a faux tree can easily cost up to $500.

Price Range: $10-$500

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Image of a wooden dresser with a floor length mirror and horse art in a bedroom

Small Storage

Small storage is nice to have for smaller items in your bedroom—like throw blankets, shoes, and your collection of “currently reading” books. And woven baskets are our favorite small, multifunctional storage solution for bedrooms. They’re great for a place to stash things when tidying up in a pinch, and they add texture to your room and can help visually fill empty spaces. They also make great under-bed storage!

Price Range: $20-$500

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Want more bedroom design ideas? Check out our best bedrooms designs of 2020, walk through our guest room checklist, and learn how to design a bedroom with a TV.

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