Bringing Your Style to a Basic Space!

Have you ever felt inspired by all of the design Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts you follow, yet unsure how to implement them into your own home? Even interior enthusiasts often get stuck when it comes to bringing their style to life!

This is exactly the issue Anthony Loria faced; he wanted to turn his basic dining room into a personalized, stylish space.

“I tend to like many different styles, so it’s often a challenge to decide where to start. Modsy sounded like the exact solution for me. The best part of it is that it’s all done virtually!”

So, what to add? Anthony wanted something that complimented his style and just needed a little help planning the room. Our design team gave him several options.

Gold, geometric accents, blankets and sheepskin throws, and clean wooden pieces were a few of the tools our style team used to bring Anthony’s space to life. The accessories went well with his existing pieces, but introduced a bit more character.


Another option:

“The two initial designs worked eerily well for my style and matched the rest of my home quite perfectly. It’s like the designers could see the rest of my home and just innately knew what I was looking for.”

With these designs, Anthony was not only inspired, but also had the tools to buy with confidence! The cool, mid-century modern pieces he originally owned were now beautifully accessorized with softer accents, such as the cozy blankets, and some more industrial pieces, such as a geometric wine rack.

space_1201_design_2_000_modcam_003_test_000-vraydenoiser space_1201_design_1_000_modcam_003_test_000-vraydenoiser

“The ability to easily view more information on the individual products used to style the room is an incredible feature that makes is so easy to adopt the looks Modsy has come up with.”

Not only did Modsy match Anthony’s style and needs, it was a quick, easy, and painless design process.

“Modsy made it ridiculously simple to begin the steps of transforming the room. By just providing a series of photos and without a conversation or lengthy written instructions outlining what my goals for the room were, Modsy came back with two different designs that were both contemporary, somewhat trendy, and very much ME.”


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Pick a Couch, Any Couch


A good sofa can be the heart of the living room — the visual centerpoint of the space as well as the ultimate place for relaxation — but the process of buying that perfect couch can be pretty daunting. 

You want to make sure you’re spending your valuable time and money on something that you’ll actually love. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could test out a few different options in your space without actually having to move a 350-pound piece of furniture in and out of your home? Well with Modsy, you can!

Olivia decided to try out Modsy for this very purpose. She and her partner had just moved into a new home from a much smaller apartment and quickly realized they would need to make a few key purchases to fill the larger space. She had a few staple pieces that she knew she’d want to include in this living room, including this beautiful Arco Floor Lamp, some storage, and a rug, but beyond that she was starting fresh with the new living room.

So the first step was finding that perfect couch.

Olivia’s first pick was this West Elm 2-Piece Chaise Sectional. She liked the idea of additional seating options, but actually visualizing it in her living room helped her realize that the new room was big, but not that big! The sectional felt bulky and squished into the space.


Her next choice was this beautiful Design Within Reach Raleigh Sofa. She liked the style, and it fit nicely within the space! But when she saw the price tag, she decided it was a bit outside of her budget if she wanted to have money left to accessorize the rest of the room as well.


Her partner loves a good leather sofa, so she gave that a whirl with CB2’s Alfred Leather Sofa, but nope. It felt too dark and heavy in the bright space.


She was toying with the idea of a bright color for the couch, so Olivia gave this Belgian Linen Willoughby Sofa from Anthropologie a try. But the theory did not quite pan out. The dragonfly color was more of a clash then a pop against the wall and rug.


She finally landed on this elegant grey Hamilton Upholstered Sofa from West Elm. She loved the way the grey of the sofa played against the wall color and felt like it was just the right size for the space. As an extra bonus, it also happened to be the most affordable option.

Using Modsy, you can easily compare couches from a variety of retailers and actually see all the different options in your space before having to make any commitments. Get started today!


Shop this look:

Serena Nesting Side Tables
Restoration Hardware


Moroccan Sequin Pouf
Restoration Hardware


Claude Bar
Jonathan Adler


Arco Floor Lamp
Design Within Reach


Code Rug

A Beautiful New Space for a Beautiful New Life

What makes being engaged and getting ready to start life together even more blissful? Finding your mutual dream apartment. Blank slate! New possibilities!

Bride-to-be, Ashley, and her fiancé were living this exact fairy tale. They were in love – with each other, of course – but also with their new-found place. The only downside? They didn’t know where to begin with the design process. So they started with Modsy.

We went to Modsy when we were moving into our new space. We were starting from scratch and were unsure how to best set up our living room, which has an entire wall of floor to ceiling windows. We really wanted to maximize the seating space while highlighting the incredible views.”

Armed with that knowledge, the pair’s Style Quiz results, and some quick photos of the space, Modsy stylists went to town.

After a few chats and a couple of product swaps, the soon-to-be-newlyweds had a dream solution to match the space, and it looked like this:


Or, with some alternate options, like this:space_769_design_3_001_modcam_002_test_000-vraydenoiser

And just so you can get a sense of this layout relative to those fantastic windows, here’s an overhead view:birdseyeNot only did the Modsy team provide the most beautifully rendered designs, but they were incredibly speedy and accommodating with our requests and questions. We still cannot believe the output – it feels like we are looking at an actual photo of our space, perfectly designed to our needs!”

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Reinventing Your Kid’s Old Bedroom: How two empty nesters transformed their space

Trying to design a brand new space can certainly be challenging, but sometimes it can be just as hard reimagining a room you’ve had arranged a certain way for years and years.

This was the case for one of our earliest Modsy users, Dorene. Her son, Evan, was well into his college years when she decided it was about time to shed his youthful bedroom décor and recreate the room as something she and her husband could actually use. Dorene chose to turn the space into a nice guest room, a space where friends and family could comfortably stay when visiting their home.  There was the obvious need to upgrade the bed from a twin to a queen, but beyond that she struggled to figure out how to arrange everything in the space and decide which furniture to get rid of and to keep. After using that room for over 20 years as her son’s bedroom, it was difficult to truly visualize it in a new way.

“After using that room for over 20 years as her son’s bedroom, it was difficult to truly visualize it in a new way.”


That’s where Modsy came in. Using Modsy, Dorene was able to see her son’s bedroom fully transformed into the elegant guest room that she had only been imagining.  “I was actually thinking about keeping all the furniture and putting the bed in a different place,” Dorene explained. Seeing the Modsy designs, she decided to let go of most of the existing furniture, keeping only the armoire, and to position the bed in the same way as the Modsy design.  “I realized the way I was envisioning the room was not really ideal. Seeing the design ahead of time was so helpful in figuring out the best layout for the small room.”


“Seeing the design ahead of time was so helpful in figuring out the best layout for the small room.”

As hard as it is to see your kids grow up and move away from home, don’t let their rooms remain relics of their childhood’s past for too long – give that room a new life! Make it a lovely guest room (where they can of course come home to visit every weekend), maybe a library, or a home office. Once Modsy shows you how that room can be transformed, it’ll be hard to resist.

Design Dilemma: Small, Oddly Placed Dining Room

Tucked between the living room, stairwell and kitchen, this room needs to function as a dining room – preferably with some presence and style. Otherwise, it lapses into a detritus-collecting pass-through space. Help needed!
Existing layout:

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 4.28.46 PM

Design Diagnosis:

Problem 1:  The heavy wood bannister and exposed brick are beautiful architectural details, but without a focal point in the room, they steal the show, making the room seem unbalanced.

Solution 1: The rear-most wall in this room can be seen from the very front of house – use it! Not only will it provide a visual anchor for the dining area, it will connect it to the living room, making the combined spaces feel more expansive.

Problem 2: Dark wood furniture weighs down the feel of the space, making it seem more like a dark corner nook than a significant room in the house.

Solution 2: Make the space a beacon of style that summons from all intersecting parts of the house with color and a mix of materials – lighter wood plus light-reflecting metal or glass.

Problem 3: While the room is not big, the small scale of the furniture just emphasizes it’s diminutive size.

Solution 3: Larger pieces with a lightweight feel will give the room some personality and weight – not to mention making it more useful – without making it seem overcrowded.

The Modsy redesign: Two ways to achieve 81 square feet of vibrant Mod Enthusiast dining space.

Style 1: Bright and simple.

Style 2: Bold and graphic.

Get this Mod Enthusiast Look in Your Space

85e90a45-9c62-4a2a-b93b-795884435fc9Chino Dippy Cotton Carpet
Madeline Weinrib, $525 – $2550

Harlequin Table Lamp, Brass
Jonathan Adler, $475

Quinn Wall Mirror
Home Decorators Collection, $259

 Schumacher Queen of Spain Wallpaper, Black
Mahones Wallpaper Shop, $116.40

Terrace Bar Cart
West Elm, $399

 Bulle Glass Tapered Vase
Anthropologie, $26

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Use What You’ve Got in a Whole New Way

Can you say “Boyfriend of the Year”? We can, and we found him. Ryan from Seattle wanted to surprise his girlfriend for her birthday with a new design for their 331 square foot Seattle loft (hint: excellent gift idea!). The couple already had several pieces of furniture they really liked -not the least of which is a cabinet to store and display his impressive vinyl record collection – but they needed help with layout. Ryan turned to Modsy for help. Smart guy.

 The Layout Problem

 215_Ryan Cory_before_2This studio space needs to work for two people to sleep, eat, entertain and work. Not an easy task for a single long, narrow space.

They created “zones” for different activities, but as with any one-room living space, it’s hard to keep it from feeling like either a living area with a bed, or a bedroom with a sofa.

Remember that big shelving unit that stores Ryan’s vinyl record collection? Time for it to do double duty.

The Layout Solution

The Layout Formula

Divide and display

Shelving that’s open on both sides creates a physical barrier, but lets light through to preserve the feeling of openness and space. Using it to display a collection turns it into an interesting art wall, as well as a privacy screen. Now Ryan’s albums are front and center, for maximum enjoyment, instead of tucked away in the corner.

 Kallax Shelving Unit
Ikea,  $149

Assign boundaries

Different rugs give the two main areas (living & sleeping) their own defined space and personality. Mixing up rug shapes and textures offsets the long narrow aspect of the room.

Surya Sherpa Taupe and Ivory Wool Rug
Zinc Door  8’x10″ $1643

Cowhide Rug
Design Within Reach  $750

Clear the pathway

Positioning the sofa, shelf and bed all against one wall opens a wide pathway from front to back, making the loft feel open and more spacious. The clear glass dining table, at one end of the pathway, is a critical part of daily life, but takes up minimal visual space.

Don’t hold back

Just because your space is small doesn’t mean you have to settle for a plain metal bed frame. Give your sleeping area some soft but distinct presence with a fabric-covered bed, or at least a headboard. It will balance the larger pieces in the living area – and will feel distinctly more grown up.

Soho Moon Bed
CB2  $1099 – $1299

Your Turn

No space is too small to be stylish. Try some ideas to see what works for you. And if you need a little help, we’d love to be of service.

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Design Dilemma: Awkward Space!

Q: How do I create a useful and serene space in this loft?



A: Let us count the ways!

1. Turn this sunlit space into an inviting nook to work or relax with cozy seating, and an eclectic mix of color and pattern.

2. Monochromatic more your thing? Dial back the color and punch up the textures. Then get some work done…or not.

3. If working here is the last thing you want to do, create an intimate conversation nook (that doubles as a guest room if your sofa’s a sleeper). Clean, modern shapes with open sides and bases prevent it from feeling crowded. One bold pattern will tie it all together.

4. Soften it up with a serene color as the focal point and some polished and matte gold for a hint of glam. Sit back, take a sip and let your cares float right out the window.

Get the look: Products to help get your design started

Tufted Regalia Rug
Anthropolgie, $498 – $1998

Surya Anthracite Pouf
Rug Studio, $398

Cross-Base Coffee Table
West Elm, $399

Chino Dippy Cotton Carpet
Madeline Weinrib, $535 – $2550

Skagen Nesting Tables
Design Within Reach, $578

Edwin Chair in Tatum Spa
Room & Board, $799

Arden Table Lamp, White
One Kings Lane, $5229

chair DWR Jens

Jens Chair
Design Within Reach, $1190

Style Merger: Yours, Mine and Ours

You say “tomato”, I say “uh, yeah, not so much”. Opposites may attract. but when it comes to setting up house together, those differences aren’t always so dreamy. This was the case with Modsy customers Jeff and Lani. They each took our Style Quiz and – no surprise to them – got two very different results. She is Refined Rustic, he is Atomic Industrial. “So…I guess we’re kind of Rustic-Industrial-Traditional,” said Lani, “I don’t suppose you’ve got a way to merge our styles?” Why, yes we do!

 The Conundrum

Style puzzle: A quick glimpse into Jeff and Lani’s existing living room reveals her love of classic design; but the rustic elements she was drawn to in the Style Quiz are missing. Also absent are his industrial and Mid-Century design preferences, not to mention an obvious way to integrate all these components without creating design goulash.

 Layout Stumper: In addition to their style dichotomy, the couple struggles with how to use the beautiful but challenging arced bay corner of the room. Sure, a made-to-fit rounded sofa would be spectacular, but since they’re not living on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, they could use a more realistic solution.

The Fix

“I am seriously in awe… this is so cool.  Once I return my jaw back to it’s normal position I am sure we will have actual questions and comments… until then I’ll continue to drool over this.”


The Formula

1. A Classic Foundation: The sofa sets the tone. Choose a traditional but streamlined option to create a neutral starting point that lets accent pieces in a variety of styles shine without clashing.

Belgian Track Arm Slipcovered Sofa
Restoration Hardware  $2096 – $4695

2. Common Ground: Bridge modern and classic styles using a rug that combines a large, simple geometric pattern with a subdued, classic palette. Jute rugs – uncomplicated, warm and textured – are another ideal option for linking disparate styles.

Surya Sherpa Taupe and Ivory Wool Rug
Zinc Door  8’x10″ $1643

3. Materials, Textures and Shapes 

Rustic, distressed leather: On large-scale leather items, go for soft lines and curves to prevent an overly masculine feel; for smaller accent pieces, keep it lightweight with an open base for proportion.

Style-bridging wood: Add warmth without weight with long-legged wood coffee tables and benches. Clean lines and atomic shapes make it modern, while lighter hues and slight texture connects to the room’s rustic elements.

Industrial Accents: A straight-forward, utilitarian piece adds an Industrial ingredient to this design combo. Also try metal in small, key locations to add crisp punctuation. A matte finish will keep it from overpowering the space.

Dang Media Stand – Gray

Blu Dot  $999

Faceted Mirror Side Table
Jayson Home  $595

Your Turn

Go forth and embrace your style-mix challenge! And embrace your challenger, a.k.a. your significant other, while you’re at it. We’d love to see your results! And if you need help from Modsy, we’d love to be of service.

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Transformation: One Great Do-It-All Space

City dwellers living in confined quarters often face a common problem: the all purpose room. Living room, TV room, dining room and entryway all in one space. It needs to look good so it will make you happy, and so you can entertain without apologizing. But it also needs to be functional and comfortable for everyday living.

Click through this Modsy transformation of one urban couple’s all purpose room. We show them an option that includes a previously-lacking small dining area, and an another option that flip-flops the existing furniture orientation. Moving your furniture around is one thing, but seeing a whole new collection of furniture moved around – in your own space – is something else entirely!


What makes this Mod Visionary living room work

 Cool colors – on walls, sofa and rug – paired with fresh white accents are an ideal backdrop for the warm tones of the leather chair, pillows and wood elements. The patterned rug dresses up the room a bit, and along with the contrasting pillows and textured table lamp, it adds depth to the minimalist simplicity of the furniture, without being overpowering.

Sloan Sofa, Interior Define, $1300 – $1500

Charles Modern Lounge Chair
CadoModern, $985

Estrella Teal & Eggplant Rug
Wayfair, $169 – $2050

Free Range Coffee Table
Blu Dot, $699

Ojai Floor Lamp
Jonathan Adler, $695

Lily Lamp
Schoolhouse Electric, $399

Pebble Wine 18″ Pillow
Crate & Barrel, $34.97

Jax Side Table
Room & Board, $369

Alternate decor options

 This solid textured rug imbues the space with a brighter, more casual feel. A clean-lined navy armchair adds a balanced weight to the lightness of the other pieces. Simple wood pieces bring a warm, natural element to the space and their open bases prevent a feeling of heaviness often created with wood furniture.

Aiden Upholstered Armchair Navy, Pottern Barn, $699

Wool Wrap Pouf
CB2, $129

Peinet Pillow Cover
Marimekko, $188

Distressed Wool Rug Ivory/Mist
Restoration Hardware, $695 – $5829

Shadow Box Bookcase
West Elm, $1999

Dresden Melon Square
Eastern Accents – Buy with Modsy, $118

Bertoia Side Chair with Vinyl Seat Pad
Design Within Reach, $748

Cera No. 1
Minted, $137

Savannah 46″ Round Dining Table
One King’s Lane, $575

Let Modsy transform your space. Take the Style Quiz and send us your photos pronto! Good things will come your way.

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Transformation: Modern Bedroom Bliss

You know that room that feels too small, drab, or awkwardly shaped? No matter how many times you move the furniture around, it just doesn’t make your heart sing. That perfect piece you found online, the one that will solve everything, finally arrives and the size or scale is wrong, the color is off – and your dream solution dissolves into a huge hassle. Remedy? A Modsy redesign.

What separates a Modsy redesign from the pack is this: We use 3D technology to recreate your room – to scale – then add products that fit the space and match your style. You see a new design, in the context of your actual space, before making a single decision. Now you can purchase with confidence.

Watch this bedroom transform, with a blend of Minimalism and Mid Century Modern – a style we call “Mod Visionary”.


What makes these Mod Visionary designs work

Transformation 1

 Wood adds warmth and weight to the overall cool vibe, but the Shale Credenza and  Wrap Bench touch down lightly with simple slim legs, keeping the light-as-air feeling of the room. Geometric Nesting Tables are a crisp contrast to soft linens and Prism Pillows add subtle pattern and color  to understated bedding;

Shale Credenza, Blu Dot, $2699

Wrap Bench
CB2, $399

Box Frame Nesting Tables
West Elm, $299

Prism Pillow
CB2, $1099 – $1299

PB fringed rugFringed Hand Loomed Rug
CB2, $124.99 – $799

Soho Moon Bed
CB2, $1099 – $1299

Transformation 2

  Keeping large elements simple and clean, like the Mid-Century Bed and Shale Credenza, leaves room for drama, added here with the fiery warmth of the Mykonos Rug and Ombre Marsala Pillow. Curves in the Bornova Side Table and Felicity Lamp add softness to the design’s straight lines and squared edges. 

Mid-Century Bed, West Elm, $2699

Mykonos Burgundy Area Rug
Wayfair, $179.99 – $2410.79

Bornova White Side Table
Ballard, $1099 – $219

Felicity Lamp
Arteriors, $420

Lonely Lakeside 1
Minted, $20 – $530

Let Modsy transform your space. Take the Style Quiz and send us your photos pronto! Good things will come your way.

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