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Opposites Attract: 15 Ways to Make Modern Traditional Design Work

You’ve heard that opposites attract, right? Well, it’s just as true in style as in love! We get asked how to combine modern and traditional furniture all the time. So many people want to know how to merge these two styles without their space looking jumbled and confused. Other people wonder if it’s even possible […]

Our Modsy Story: Using Design to Make Our Short-Term Space Feel Like Home

The Design Dilemma Carmen and Kika live together in a small apartment in Bayside, New York. They love their neighborhood and community, but when Kika first moved in—doubling the couple’s belongings—the small space felt overcrowded and left them wanting more room. “Our first instinct was to move to a larger space,” Carmen says. “But we’d […]

Our Modsy Story: Using Online Design to Find the Perfect Layout in Our Home

The Design Dilemma When Isaac and Steph moved into their house together, they were excited to enter into a new phase of life and a home where they could build new memories together. But they quickly discovered that their recently combined furniture and decor didn’t add up to a cohesive design that reflected the harmony […]