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Our Modsy Story: Using Online Design to Find the Perfect Layout in Our Home

The Design Dilemma When Isaac and Steph moved into their house together, they were excited to enter into a new phase of life and a home where they could build new memories together. But they quickly discovered that their recently combined furniture and decor didn’t add up to a cohesive design that reflected the harmony […]

My Modsy Story: Designing a Cohesive Multifunctional Room

The Design Dilemma When couple Jeffrey and Geoffrey (we know—matching names—adorable) moved into their new house together, they were excited for the opportunity to decorate. But they weren’t totally sure how they’d design their home from scratch. The couple was particularly worried about creating a cohesive and functional design for their multifunctional living space, which […]

My Modsy Story: Creating a Grown-Up Kids Room in Time for the School Year

  Homeowner: Olympia A. Spaces: Kids Bedroom My Style: Contemporary Collector The Design Dilemma Olympia is many things—a busy consultant for nonprofits, a wine connoisseur, and a mother of three. But she’s not an interior design expert. However, as her sons Cash and Max entered middle school, she realized it was time to convert their small bedroom into […]

My Modsy Story: Transforming a Fixer-Upper into a Beautiful, Comforting Home 

The Design Dilemma Holly and her partner are busy young professionals and world travelers. They recently bought a home in South Lake Tahoe to serve as a home base where they could relax and recharge between work and travel. But the house itself was pretty dated and needed some love to become the space Holly […]

Simply Marble-ous: How Modsy Designer, Karina L, Decorates Her Home With Marble

In the past couple of years, it’s been all the rage to decorate your home with natural materials. They add so much organic texture, which is the design antidote to all the straight lines and manufactured materials that are often prevalent in modern homes. And this past year, especially, biophilic design—an approach that’s all about […]