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Investing in Our Team: Modsy Career Development Day

At Modsy we’ve made it our mission to help people live better lives through design—finding design solutions for our customers that are not only more livable but are also truly personalized and special. We provide amazing 3D visuals, customized designs from knowledgeable designers, an extensive product catalog, and super friendly customer service—ensuring our customers have […]

Meet The Brand: Crate & Barrel and Crate & Kids

We’ve worked hard to grow our digital catalog with amazing Modsy brands—from well-known retailers to budding designers to cool under-the-radar bands. All to say, our catalog is ever-evolving. And you can get a peek into some of our favorite partners in our Modsy Brand Spotlights where we feature some of the stylish and affordable pieces […]

My Modsy Story: How Wit & Delight Conquered a Creative Block With Expert Help From Modsy

Wit & Delight blogger and designer, Kate Arends, knows style and regularly provides her 30 million followers with guidance on self-care, beauty, fashion, and decor. But when the style polymath found herself overwhelmed with choices for her bedroom design project, she turned to Modsy for some expert collaboration. The Backstory Kate Arends, founder of the […]

Meet The Brand: Interior Define

We’re always adding new Modsy brands to our digital catalog. These are the same brands you’ll find in your 3D designs. They range from your favorite retailers to rising designers and brands that are more under-the-radar. To help you get to know them better, we regularly feature our favorite brands along with some of their […]

Biophilic Design for Beginners: 17 Ways to Incorporate Biophilic Design into Your Home

At the beginning of the year, we predicted that biophilic design would be a 2021 interior design trend to look out for. Spoiler alert: biophilic design is one of the year’s biggest trends! But what is biophilic design exactly? Let’s take a closer look at biophilic design and how you can incorporate it into your […]

My Modsy Story: Transforming an Awkward Room into a Multi-Purpose Dream Space

When Britt moved her family and business across the country, she was determined to make the transition as smooth as possible. But an awkward shared living room/office area presented a major challenge. The Backstory My husband and I recently moved from Portland, Ore. to Scottsdale, Ariz. We’re co-owners of a children’s clothing brand called Bunny […]

Two Layouts for a 12 x 14 Bedroom

In our Layout Guides series, you’ll find layout solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. We show you different ways to lay out a space—because we’re big believers in working with what you’ve got! Here, we’re breaking down all the ways to master a 12×14 bedroom layout. The Space: A 12×14 Bedroom The Challenge: […]

My Modsy Story: Creating My Dream Home After Years of Moving Apartments

Anna, a product designer from Colorado, had just bought her first condo. After years of moving from one apartment to another, she was ready to create a space to call her own. But Anna worried she’d never get the home she yearned for when the furniture she owned failed to create the organized and elevated […]

Brand Spotlight: Loloi

You can always look to our Modsy catalog for an ever-changing roster of new brands, top retailers, and emerging designers and shops to keep on your radar. We’ll also continue to spotlight our favorite Modsy brands with furniture and designs that span styles and budgets. Next up: Loloi! Meet The Brand: Loloi Founded in 2004 […]

My Modsy Story: How I Created an Attached Bedroom and Office That Perfectly Reflects My Style

When Luisa moved her family into a new, more spacious home she was excited for the opportunity to create a space that celebrated her tastes and reflected her inviting personality. But the furniture she had felt tired and failed to capture the welcoming vibe she wanted in her conjoined bedroom and office. The Backstory My […]

Pastel Color Guide: 4 Tips for Decorating a Pastel Room

If the Millennial Pink trend taught us anything, it’s that pastel colors are far from dainty. Even so, many people still think of pastel hues as feminine, too soft, or even juvenile given their popularity in nursery color schemes. But we’re here to say, “Think again!” Beyond pink, we’ve been seeing a rise in stylish […]

Brand Spotlight: Phillips Collection

ICYMI, we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting brands to add to our Modsy catalog. From rising designers to your favorite retailers and even little-known shops, we’ll be continuing to spotlight some of our favorite Modsy brands with furniture and designs that match your style and budget. Next up: Phillips Collection! Meet The […]

My Modsy Story: Creating a Restful Bedroom For Us and Our Newborn

When repeat customers Gema and Kev became pregnant with their second child seven months after their first, they decided it was time to return to Modsy to create a main bedroom with both a crib and luxurious style—ensuring they could keep an eye on their newborn while feeling relaxed by a pampering space. The last […]

Brand Spotlight: Meet Antique Curiosities

We’re always finding new Modsy brands to add to our growing catalog. From emerging designers to major retailers to off-the-beaten path shops, we’re always spotlighting new brands with furniture and designs that match your style and budget. Next up here in our brand spotlight: Antique Curiosities! Meet The Brand: Antique Curiosities A small family-owned business, […]

Brand Spotlight: Meet Joybird

We’re constantly growing our Modsy Catalog and adding amazing new finds from the best retailers, budding designers, and hard-to-find brands across the country. Here, in our brand spotlight series, you’ll get to learn more about the Modsy brands you find our 3D designs, why we love them and some of our favorite pieces to use […]

Layout Guide: 3 Ways to Design an 8×8 Bedroom

In our Layout Guides series, you’ll find layout solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. We show you different ways to lay out a space—because we’re big believers in working with what you’ve got! Today, we’re tackling a tricky one: a petite 8×8 bedroom layout. The Space: An 8×8 Bedroom The Challenge: This is […]

Celebrating Black History Month: 10 Black Interior Designers You Should Follow

The interior design community has long had a diversity problem. When you look at lists of famous or iconic designers, the list is usually centered around white European or American designers. And, frankly, a lot of men. Even shelter magazines which highlight the work of current interior designers tend to feature white designers, designing spaces […]

My Modsy Story: Finding a Cohesive Home Design to Help Me Feel More Collected

After moving away from a negative relationship, Zora was ready to build a home where she could heal. But she was worried she couldn’t create a cohesive design for her space with so much on her mind. The Backstory “Before I moved into my current home, I was sharing a space with someone that I […]

Meet Design Messenger: An Exciting Feature Coming Soon

Communicating with your Modsy designer just got easier. We’re thrilled to introduce you to our newest feature—Design Messenger! Design Messenger is the new communication portal that lets you easily communicate with your designer directly from your designs. What does this mean? For starters, no more missed emails, no more digging through your inbox to find […]

My Modsy Story: Proof That Pet-friendly Designs Don’t Have to Sacrifice on Style

When Marsha and Dan became empty-nesters they decided it was finally time to finish designing their beach house. They soon discovered it was hard to find stylish, pet-friendly decor that went with their space.   The Backstory Six years ago, my husband Dan and I purchased a beautiful house located in a tiny town on […]

My Modsy Story: How I Took a Design Risk to Get My Dream Apartment

Living in New York City, Lauren was excited to start a life all her own in her first studio apartment. She just didn’t know how to design a small space that reflected her new independent lifestyle. The Backstory I live in New York City, where the COVID pandemic brought reduced rent prices, so when the […]

Furniture Shopping Guide: When’s The Best Time to Buy Furniture?

If 2020 caused you to take stock of what’s working in your home and what it’s lacking, 2021 may be the right time to pull the trigger on some new furniture to help your home be more stylish and functional. But it’s no secret that good furniture can be quite the investment. However, it’s not […]

What Interior Designers Think of the 2021 Colors of the Year

As we near the end of each year, certain companies forecast what colors will be most popular in the design world in the coming year. And we’re not just talking about interior design. These colors of the year speak to trends in fashion, art, graphic design, the entertainment industry and even take into consideration environmental […]

Modsy 2020 COVID-Inspired Design Trend Report

It’s safe to say that amidst the pandemic, our homes have become more important than ever before. Considering people’s increased connection to their living spaces, we couldn’t help but wonder how this is changing our decisions, priorities, and preferences when it comes to interior design. We sifted through our Modsy data, survey responses from 2,000 […]

Our Modsy Story: How We Created a Perfectly Cohesive and Cozy Mountain Getaway

Yates & Liz wanted to carve out a little slice of heaven for people to get away during hectic times. For them, that meant finding a design service that could turn a dated farmhouse into a cozy retreat. Views from outside the farmhouse rental Read on to learn how Modsy designer Becky S. helped the […]

My Modsy Story: How I Filled My House with Cozy Curated Style

Without the curatorial skills to create the cozy feel she wanted for her home Deana was left with an empty house and no idea where to get started. Read on to learn how she filled her empty house with designs she loves and get key insights from the Modsy designer that brought her space together. […]

A Few of Our Favorite Things: 8 Festive Holiday Mantel Decor Looks

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is practically here! It’s been a long 2020, so it’s more the reason to break out the festive holiday decorations and cozy up the home for some much-needed celebration (and relaxation). The best place to start decorating? Your fireplace mantel, of course! It’s where the stockings go after […]

Our Modsy Story: How We Found the Perfect Design For Our Unique Style and 2 Spaces

Gema & Kev had 2 new empty spaces to make feel like home with a unique Cayman Islands style vision. But they had no idea how to execute their design ideas. Read their story and learn how their Modsy designer, Mckenzie, turned their island dreams into a real paradise. Views of the couple’s guest studio […]

How to Choose a Color Palette: A Complete Guide to Decorating with Color

Color is one of the foundational principles of interior design. In fact, it’s one of the five interior design basics! That’s because color really helps set the tone for a space and influences its design style—whether you’re going for a neutral or bold colored room, something subtle or more vibrant. The use of color is […]

Interior Design & You: Discovering Your Personal Style

Welcome to Interior Design & You, a virtual design seminar led by Alessandra Wood, Modsy’s VP of Style. In this series, you’ll learn some of the basics of interior design, as well as how to personalize your own home. Watch session two, How to Identify Your Personal Style, below—or scroll through the post for a […]

Our 9 Best Tips for Acing the Rustic Decor Look in Your Space

Rustic interiors are hard not to love. That’s because rustic design is all about celebrating natural materials, warm neutral colors, weathered finishes, and the vintage aesthetic. These are all rustic decor elements that play up a deep sense of comfort and charm. Types of Rustic Decor Styles There are many different ways to approach the […]

15 Stylish Ways to Decorate With Leather in Any Room

We love incorporating leather elements into our furniture and decor. Why? Decorating with leather adds character, quality, and warmth to your space—not to mention it’s a beautiful natural material that brings in lovely texture and a rich color tone. And each leather piece is so unique. In terms of texture, leather furniture can be super […]

Trend Spotlight: 6 Rooms that do the Traditional Comfort Trend Right

As 2020 wears on, we’ve been seeing more and more traditional design elements enter the trend cycle. Traditional interior design has always prioritized comfort, and we need comfort more than ever this year. So it makes sense that this design style—which has been out of the trend cycle for a while—has made its way back. […]

Tips for Designing a Multi-Use Guestroom

Many people don’t have the luxury of having a dedicated guest room in their home—especially those living in apartments. Rather, “guest rooms” tend to have many other uses when company isn’t present. This is even more common now that so many of us are working from home or homeschooling. Every square foot of our houses […]

8 of Our Best Tips for Acing the Mismatched Dining Chairs Trend

Do you want to infuse your dining room with a little personality? Then check out this trend we’re loving: Mismatched dining chairs! Chairs are a dining room essential. And when you mix and match your dining chairs—where all are different, or you have two or three different styles—you bring added character and charm to your […]

Tips for Celebrating a Socially Distanced Halloween in 2020

Like so many other things, Halloween this year will look drastically different from any other year. There will be a lot less trick-or-treating—if there’s any at all. Any door-to-door visits will most definitely be followed up by a rigorous round of hand sanitizer. And instead of wearing a mask that’s part of your costume, you’ll […]

My Modsy Story: How Modsy Helped Me Design a Refuge for Recovery

When Jeff opened a transitional living house, he knew how to help his residents heal—but he needed help designing a safe space where their healing could happen. The Backstory I run Fireside Recovery, a transitional living house for men transitioning from inpatient substance treatment. Our house gives them a place to live; build community; and […]

19 Easy and Functional Bookshelf Styling Ideas

Sometimes the smallest changes in the home can have the most impact. Restyling bookshelves is one such small change. Whether it’s rearranging how your books are displayed, adding some colorful art or layering in your favorite objects and collections, giving your bookshelf a quick refresh can completely bring a new perspective (and vibe) to your […]

7 Designer Tips on How to Style Mismatched Nightstands the Right Way

When it comes to the interior design of your bedroom, a bed is, of course, one of the most important aspects. It’s what anchors your space and—on a very practical level—it’s the most-needed piece of furniture in the space. But coming in second in the realm of bedroom essentials are good nightstands. It’s necessary to […]

The Adorned Space: 4 Lessons We Can Learn from British Decorating

We have a 2021 home design trend prediction that will make maximalists and those with grandmillennial style rejoice! We’ve started seeing a lot of British design influences in interior design. This is a look that’s all about adornment, charm, and creating moments of joy within your home. And that’s definitely something we’re craving in our […]

Spotted: 13 Places We’re Spying Contemporary Design in The Wild (and Loving It)

For many people, particularly those of us not overly-versed in the world of interior design, the realm of “contemporary design” may feel confusing. What does it mean? What style elements does it represent? It can be hard to spot if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Contemporary interior design is not, in fact, simply […]

Merchant Picks: Dining Tables to Make Memories Around

We know many people will be skipping in-person fall gatherings and holiday celebrations this year. But fall is still a season of coming together around the table—even if it’s just you and your family or roommates. It’s over dinners and meals, with family or friends, that we make so many of our deepest memories. Even […]

Get the Look: Kendall Jenner’s Los Angeles Home

By now, you’ve probably seen Kendall Jenner’s Los Angeles home tour in Architectural Digest, which was released this summer. While many people expected the supermodel to have a flashy, opulent home, her renovated space was actually quite subdued and serene. In fact, Jenner said her big goals for her home were to feel peaceful and […]

My Modsy Story: How I Found a Design Worthy of My Remodeled Home

After working hard to complete a big remodel, Jennifer wanted a design that matched her beautiful space. But she struggled to find an interior design that lived up to her expectations. The Backstory My husband and I were going through a lot of firsts when we decided it was time to redecorate our home. Not […]

The 80s Are Back: Here’s How Designers Are Styling With 1980s Decor Influences

We have some exciting interior design news: The 80s are back! But don’t worry—only the good parts. Think: bold shapes, natural materials, and geometric patterns. (No waterbeds, ruffled bedding, rag-rolled walls, or wall-to-wall carpet in sight!) When you think of 1980s interior design, your mind might be drawn to walls full of those 80s glass […]

Announcing the Modsy WFH Glow Up Giveaway!

Who’s ready to upgrade their work-from-home set-up?? Here we are, six months into the shut-downs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us have been unexpectedly working from home this whole time, with no end in sight. While some people already had great home offices to work in, making the transition easier, many of us […]

Tour a Dream Home Designed In California Modern Style

Do you love the idea of a relaxed, approachable home that feels both personal and pulled together? Then you might want to explore California Modern interior design. California Modern style is an easygoing style that’s welcoming, calming, and personal. A style subset of Modern Rustic, it features a mix of rustic, natural, organic, and modern […]

Style Spotlight: 4 Ways to Get the Modern Southwest Look

If you’ve been noticing—and loving—a lot of Southwestern design on your Instagram and Pinterest feeds lately, you’re not alone. In fact, Modern Southwest interior design is one of our favorite trendy styles of the moment! Modern Southwest design features a mix of mid-century and rustic elements, combined in a way that recalls the desert Southwest. […]

Interior Design Basics: How to Create Symmetry and Visual Balance in a Space

Welcome to our Interior Design Basics series, where we break down—you guessed it—the basic principles of interior design! The Basics are the building blocks of interior design that, though we don’t always talk about them, are what help a room feel more balanced, put together, and considered. Today, we’re talking all about symmetry and how […]

The Best Trendy Interior Design Ideas of 2020 (So Far)

Curious about the latest and greatest interior design trends? There are some seriously great styles that are gaining in popularity right now. We’re loving some of the top 2020 home decor trends, all of which offer something fresh and new—and definitely deviate from mid-century design, which has been the trend darling for quite a while […]

Unlikely Pairings: Tour This Home Designed in Industrial Glam Style

Combining two styles in one space can feel challenging—especially when the two styles in question seem to be polar opposites. But, whether you have seemingly “competing” interior design interests on your own, or you and a partner are trying to design a space with opposite styles, it can be done. In fact, combining two unlikely […]

The Home Office: Here’s How The Office Characters’ Work-From-Home Set-Ups Would Look in 2020

With offices closed across the country, many of us have been working from home for months. Some of us probably miss those co-workers-turned-friends, while others of us might be quite content not running into certain people at meetings and in the break room. All these thoughts of office politics got us thinking—how would Michael Scott […]