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Style Spotlight: A Designer’s Guide to Shabby Chic Decor

Are you a fan of a more soft, relaxed, and romantic interior design style? Then Shabby Chic design might be right up your alley. Shabby Chic is a look that’s comfortable and inviting, but with a hint of old-world elegance that’s evocative of an old English country estate. In fact, Great Britain is where this […]

Lessons from the Road: Our Traveling Designers Share Their Best RV Decorating Ideas

More and more people are choosing to forego traditional housing and 9-to-5’s in pursuit of a more adventurous lifestyle. Have you noticed the rise in popularity of #vanlife and #rvlife on social media? Similar to the tiny home movement of the 2010s, living in an RV is a way to downsize and simplify your home. […]

My Modsy Story: Creating a Design From Scratch That My Entire Family Loves

Danielle and her husband were relocating across the country for his new job. Hoping to simplify the move, they left their furniture behind. But saving time by avoiding packing meant taking on the task of designing their new home from scratch in a hurry. The Backstory In March of 2020, my husband got a new […]