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Brand Spotlight: Meet All Across Africa

We’re always adding new Modsy brands to our digital catalog to bring you pieces in your style and budget. From your favorite retailers to emerging designers and even hard-to-find brands, keep an eye out for our Modsy Brand Spotlights, where we’ll help you get to know some of the stylish brands you’ll find in your […]

Modern Manor: Meet the Trend That Effortlessly Blends Old and New

Traditional interior design has been growing in popularity over the last year, as many people seek to make their homes feel more comfortable and approachable. One of our favorites takes on this resurgence of Traditional interior design is the New Traditional trend. This look mixes traditional and modern design elements for a space that’s comfortable […]

Meet The Brand: CB2 is in the Modsy Catalog!

ICYMI, we’re always on the lookout for new Modsy brands to add to our digital catalog—from top retailers to emerging designers to cool brands that are hard to find. So keep an eye out for new Modsy Brand Spotlights where we’ll highlight some of the stylish and affordable brands you’ll find in your 3D designs. […]

Meet the Brand: Bhawan Textiles

We’re always adding new Modsy brands to our digital catalog to bring you pieces in your style and budget. From your favorite retailers to emerging designers and even hard-to-find brands, keep an eye out for our Modsy Brand Spotlights, where we’ll help you get to know some of the stylish brands you’ll find in your […]

My Modsy Story: Creating a Design That Captured the Beauty Of Our Home

When Alberto and his partner moved their family into a Manhattan duplex, they loved the airy feeling of the space and wanted to make sure their decor complemented it perfectly. The Backstory When Alberto and his partner bought a duplex in Manhattan, they were excited for their family to have a bright and open space […]

Celebrating Women’s History Month with a Spotlight on a Few of Our Favorite Interior Designers

March is Women’s History Month—so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to shine a light on some of our favorite women designers. We’re highlighting some of the women in history who paved the way for female interior designers, as well as some current designers who are doing amazing work in the field. Read on […]

Trend Alert: Meet Japandi, The Latest Trend Taking The Design World By Storm

Are you drawn to interior design with plenty of organic elements, but with a more minimalist spin? Then it might be worth checking out Japandi—a design style that’s been around for decades but that’s experiencing a surge in popularity! Read on to learn more about this soothing, zen design trend. What is Japandi design and […]

My Modsy Story: Creating an Uncluttered Space to Help Me Unwind

At the beginning of lockdown in 2020, busy attorney Jeremy found himself working from home in an empty apartment, with no time to decorate and a strong desire to get organized so he could unwind after a stressful day. The Backstory “I work as a finance attorney and keep very long hours—so, I like to […]

My Modsy Story: Designing My First Open-Concept Layout From Scratch

When Sara found an apartment that reflected her new, more “grown-up” lifestyle, she was excited to move in and start a new phase of life. But she was uncertain how to create a cohesive look for the empty open-concept living-dining room. The Backstory “I’d been living in the same apartment for years after graduating college […]

My Modsy Story: Creating a Home That Reflects Our Love of Traveling

When Faith and her husband moved into their first house they wanted the decor to reflect their shared love of travel and respective heritages—but they didn’t know where to start. The Backstory When Faith and her husband moved to their first home, they were excited for the opportunity to create a space that brought together […]

Brand Spotlight: Belden Lane

We’re always adding new Modsy brands to our digital catalog to bring you pieces in your style and budget. From your favorite retailers to emerging designers and even hard-to-find brands, keep an eye out for our Modsy Brand Spotlights, where we’ll help you get to know some of the stylish brands you’ll find in your […]

Brand Spotlight: Meet Serena & Lily

From major retailers to up-and-coming designers and even unique, hard-to-find brands, we’re always adding new Modsy brands to our digital catalog to bring you pieces in your style and budget. Our Modsy Brand Spotlights helps you get to know some of our favorite brands you’ll find in your 3D designs. Next up: Serena & Lily! […]

Brand Spotlight: Milk Street Baby Furniture

At Modsy, we’re always scouting new brands to add to our digital catalog. From well-known names to up-and-coming brands—and even those that are hard to find—we work with a large array of partners, so you’ll always find pieces you love in your style and budget. In our “Brand Spotlight” series, we’ll be showing off some […]

Our Designer’s Best Small Dining Room Design Tips

2020 was arguably the year of the dining room. With WFH and homeschooling, many of our dining rooms became do-it-all spaces—aka. the at-home restaurant, office, classroom, family HQ. But for many of us with small dining rooms, packing in all that function was extra challenging. So with WFH and everything looking like it’s here to […]

Merging Styles: How to Combine Traditional and Modern Furniture

When couples move in together, they often struggle with how to combine their design styles. We often have couples asking about how to merge their different styles into one look or what to do when each partner wants something totally different out of their space. So much of this comes down to favoring different styles. […]

Trend Spotlight: What is Cottagecore and How To Get The Look

There’s a new interior design trend in town, and it has us all kinds of excited! It’s called “Cottagecore” and it’s taking the internet by storm. As an interior design style, it’s a mix of traditional, classic, farmhouse, and eclectic design elements—all pulled together with a granny-chic influence. Sound a little familiar? This style definitely […]

Interior Design Therapy: The 5 Most Common Design Struggles for Couples and How to Overcome Them

A common conundrum among Modsy customers is how to combine design styles with a significant other. (Or roommate, for that matter!) When you decide to move in together, you’re bringing two different people’s design preferences to the table—and it can feel impossible to find common ground! But we promise you this: it’s not impossible. In […]

The Ultimate Guide to Every Type of Accent Chair

First things first: What’s the difference between regular chairs and accent chairs? Glad you asked! Accent chairs are stylish seats that “accentuate” your main sofa, bed, or furniture pieces in a room, but they can also easily be used alone as comfortable seating anywhere in the home. That means accent chairs can range from wingback […]

My Modsy Story: Giving Our Home Office the Update it Deserves

Quarantine during COVID has presented many unexpected challenges for everyone. For spouses Rebekah and Jack, the extra time at home meant seizing the opportunity to create an office space they loved. Homeowners: Rebekah and Jack T. HR Consultant and Pharmacy Manager Location: Waunakee, WI. Spaces: Home Office My Style: Refined Industrial The Backstory Shortly after […]

How to Decorate Around a Fireplace

If your living room comes with a fireplace, consider it an interior design asset. Not only does it add major architectural appeal, but a fireplace also provides an instant focal point in your space that looks and feels welcoming. We’ve touched on the best ways to lay out a living room with a corner fireplace […]

Modsy’s 2021 Interior Design Trend Predictions

This will be an interesting year for interior design trends. As we saw in our 2021 style trends report, COVID had a big impact on patterns and trends within the interior design world in 2020. Last year significantly changed the way we view and use our homes. With the shelter in place guidelines impacting so […]

Post-Holiday Decor Tips: How to Combat the Winter Blues with Interior Design

The holidays are over—but winter certainly is not. And if you’re anything like us, your home might feel a bit barren and cold when all the holiday decorations come down. It’s too early to decorate for spring, but sometimes it feels like holiday decor is the only winter decoration option out there. But trust us—that’s […]

My Modsy Story: Creating a Place of Peace in a Season of Grief

After her mother’s death, Sandra wanted to redecorate her childhood home as a way to process her grief. Her Modsy designer helped transform her home, preparing her for the next phase of life. The Backstory When her mother passed away, Sandra was overcome with a tremendous sense of loss. She found herself alone in the […]

Scandi Style: This Home is a Perfect Specimen of Scandinavian Interior Design Style

If you love a minimalist aesthetic but want something that’s a little more warm and organic, then Scandinavian design might be just the thing. What is Scandinavian Design? Scandinavian design is an interior design and furniture style hallmarked by clean lines, minimalist features, and warm, light woods contrasted with darker-toned woods or metals such as […]

My Modsy Story: How I Used Design to Prepare My Family for Change

Returning to school after years of being a working mom inspired Brooke to tidy her home design and make it easier for her family to manage. The Backstory Brooke was preparing for a big transition, going from working mom to entering an intensive interior design program at Rhode Island School of Design. But before she […]

Breaking the Rules: 9 Ways to Play With Scale and Proportion in Unexpected Ways

If you’ve seen our guide to scale and proportion, you already know they’re important decorating principles, just like symmetrical balance in interior design. For a quick refresher, scale and proportion refer to how things relate in size visually (and physically) in a room. Having the right scale and proportion across your furniture and decor will […]

Modsy Designers On: Our Favorite Coffee Table Books and How to Style Them

Styling your coffee table is one of those finishing touches that helps pull together the style of your living room. But actually styling your coffee table can prove to be quite the challenge. Where to begin? What objects and home decor to include? One of our favorite items for coffee table styling is using coffee […]

Trend Spotlight: Traditional Wingback Chairs are Getting a New Twist

Traditional design is rising in popularity across the country, as people spend more time at home and are looking for a little more comfort and familiarity in their home’s design. The surge in popularity of traditional interior design is something that steadily grew in the second half of 2020, and one of our 2021 trend […]

My Modsy Story: How Modsy Transformed My Entryway Into an At-Home Coffee Shop

Nicole knew she wanted to do something special with her entryway foyer—but she wasn’t sure how to bring her ideas to life in a way that had a cohesive look and feel. The Backstory When we moved into our new house, we had almost no furniture. Our space was kind of sad and empty—but we […]

Design History Spotlight: The Cultural Origins of the Bachelor Pad in the Mid-Century

How the mid-century bachelor pad challenged and informed gender norms of the time. This post is based on a lecture by Modsy’s VP of Style + Design Historian, Alessandra Wood. The bachelor pad has become somewhat of a cultural icon. It’s the crash pad of single men—the domain where they watch sports, entertain friends and […]

Merchant Picks: Why We’re Loving The Cane Furniture Trend

Cane furniture is having a major moment right now—and we’re really loving it. While traditionally cane has shown up more in coastal styles, we’re seeing it transcend any one style and be integrated into modern, mid-century, traditional, and eclectic spaces as well. Large furniture retailers and small design houses alike are bringing this beautiful material […]

A Peek Behind the Curtain: Here’s What a Modsy Design Project Really Looks Like

Maybe you’ve heard about online interior design services but you haven’t made the jump to check it out because you don’t really understand what’s involved. We get it! If you’ve never worked with an interior designer or used an online design service, this might seem like a foreign concept. But choosing online design services to […]

My Modsy Story: How I Found a Style to Complement My Modern Ranch Home

After moving from a traditional house into a home mid-century style ranch house, Samantha struggled to find a modern yet cozy style that worked for the new space.  The Backstory I’m a literary blogger, make-up vlogger, and author, so I’m not without strengths. However, interior design is just not one of them. So when my […]

Interior Design & You: Unboxing Your Interior Design Tool Kit

Welcome to Interior Design & You, a virtual design seminar led by Alessandra Wood, Modsy’s VP of Style. In this series, you’ll learn some of the basics of interior design, as well as how to personalize your own home. Watch session one, Unboxing Your Interior Design Toolkit, below—or scroll through the post for a recap! […]

Modsy Designers Talk: The Most-Common Home Office Design Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

In the past 6+ months, we’ve helped countless customers make work-from-home spaces that are stylish and functional. And we’re not just talking formal home offices but also temporary-turned-semi-permanent spaces, dining room offices, multipurpose workspaces, and home offices with two desks. Our expert interior designers are pros at putting together home office design ideas and creating […]