When it comes to decorating small apartments, one of the most common dilemmas is finding a way to make room for a home office. It makes sense especially with more and more people working from home.

In any small space, the most important thing is to make sure your office takes up minimal floor space. That means choosing small apartment furniture and decor that are going to help you maximize square footage, such as a bookshelf that doubles as a desk or stacking floating shelves that utilize your vertical wall space. It also means you’ll have to get creative with your interior design approach, whether it’s having your bedside table double as a desk or creating a corner in your living room that has a table and chair setup that’s fit for work and for meals. From there, you’ll want to work in functional storage, such as baskets and boxes that can be stowed away easily.

If it all sounds a little daunting, don’t worry. We’re here to help. No matter your space, we’ve got plenty of small apartment design ideas for your home office to be! Read on and get inspiration from some of our favorite tiny home office spaces and pick up clever design ideas for your own along the way.

small apartment designA Place To Create

If you live in a one-bedroom apartment, one of our favorite small office design ideas is to integrate your workspace in the bedroom instead of in your more-public living room.

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Why This Design Works:

  • The desk and workspace occupies its own small zone along a wall but it still ties into the rest of the bedroom furniture stylistically, giving the space a cohesive look.
  • The wall shelves make for functional storage that doesn’t take up floor space, which means you can add more decorative storage, such as easy-to-move baskets and bins.
  • The desk can also easily double as a vanity or display surface for art when not in use.

How To Get The Look: Part modern, part boho, you can work this into your home by combining modern furniture with eclectic accents, like bright pillows, bold paintings, and a kilim rug.

The Best Part: It’s especially great if you enjoy having people over on the regular. This gives you a workspace in a private setting that’s totally separate from your entertaining and lounge area.

small apartment designA Double-Duty Station

Need ideas for making the most of your furniture in a small bedroom? Try placing a desk next to your bed for a workspace that doubles as your nightstand.

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Why This Design Works:

  • Two nightstands isn’t always possible in a small space. But you’ll get the same amount of storage (if not more) with a drawer-desk.
  • Curated accents make all the difference when decorating small apartments, so make room for a chic table lamp, colorful artwork, or a cool tapestry.
  • A desk also gives you a huge surface to corral your electronics, stacks of books, and your nighttime beauty products all within easy reach!

How To Get The Look: A mix of classic and rustic styles, recreate this look with a streamlined desk, an earthy headboard, and traditional touches, like a bird print and a marble table lamp.

The Best Part: Think of this as the ultimate two-in-one office setup for a small bedroom. Not only does it save space, but it also adds function as a spacious bedside table with storage!

small apartment designAn Urban Home Office

With tiny studio apartments, creating an office in one open space that’s used for living, dining, and working requires clever furniture arrangements that use both horizontal and vertical space!

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Why This Design Works:

  • This mounted ladder desk next to the bed doesn’t take up room while utilizing the wall space above for storage. It’s a genius space-saving small apartment setup.
  • The sleek and minimal appeal of the ladder desk doesn’t visually clutter up the room.
  • This is versatile in small spaces in that the ladder desk will look just as good next to a bed as it does alongside a sofa.

How To Get The Look: It’s all about warming up mid-century style here, and you can pair any furniture with the mounted ladder desk as long as it plays up cozy wood tones and colors.

The Best Part: If you have high ceilings (and even if you don’t), this setup will make your room feel more open and airy. This trumps any ideas you might entertain of having an actual desk.

small apartment designA Rest And Work Space

With any small apartment design, you want to maximize square footage in the main room. One of our favorite bedroom office design ideas is this sleep and work space that’s all about function.

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Why This Design Works:

  • One of our favorite design ideas, this dedicated desk area takes up half the bedroom and provides a larger workspace that feels like a separate private office area.
  • The desk is big but doesn’t feel bulky. It also is in keeping with the rest of the furniture in the bedroom in terms of style and color palette.
  • The setup with the desk lamp and wall art draw the eye up, evening out the visual balance in the space.

How To Get The Look: Make for the Minimalist style in this space with contemporary pieces. A few ideas to try could be a slender desks and nightstands or an office chair with open armrests.

The Best Part: For those of you who work long hours from home and need a larger workspace surface, this makes for a comfy setup where you can sit for hours and get things done.

small apartment designA Bedroom Corner Office

For a chic take on the bedside desk look, take a cue from this modern and glamorous room. It’s a functional and fab approach that we see working in any small apartment design.

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Why This Design Works:

  • The Mid-Century style desk next to the bed is vanity first, work surface second, nightstand last. And it serves all those functions with style to spare.
  • Instead of a table lamp, a hanging pendant light takes up no surface space while doubling the lighting for the desk and the bed.
  • Despite all the patterns and accents, the varying neutral tones provide a monochrome palette that makes the small space feel cozy but not cramped.

How To Get The Look: Organic Modernism is the style here. It’s a mix of Mid-Century style furniture, natural textures, and boho-glam touches, which make any room feel instantly elegant.

The Best Part: Lean into the power of a neutral palette, which is calming and comforting in a small space. Start with a beige desk and get creative with your color ideas for bedding and art.

small apartment designA Working Nook

Who doesn’t love an office nook? With small spaces, there often will be awkward corners and alcoves that are tricky to decorate. One solution? Make them mini tucked-away office spaces.

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Why This Design Works:

  • The writing desk and chair adds instant function to an otherwise unused corner.
  • Without having to make room for an office elsewhere, this setup maximizes floor space.
  • The shelving over the staircase in this nook area is an extension to the office nook and provides convenient storage for books and office supplies.

How To Get The Look: This is all about Classic Comfort. If you’re thinking of transforming a nook into an office, stick to timeless furniture that easily blends in with your room’s other pieces.

The Best Part: Any sort of table and chair combination can work. Play around with some ideas, like a round bistro table and a pair of side chairs or even a console table and a stool.

small apartment designA Practical Entryway Office

Small spaces call for innovative design ideas. You can’t beat the convenience and function of this small home office design in the entryway of a tiny apartment!

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Why This Design Works:

  • The office area makes smart use of vertical space, from the desk and wall shelving to the adjacent bookcase. There’s lots of room for storage all around.
  • The tall furniture means that the office occupies less footprint in this high-traffic area.
  • Everything also enhances the entryway in that the rug is a durable foundation, the desk can be a catchall, and the bookcase can be used for both everyday and office storage.

How To Get The Look: To translate this Mod Contemporary look for your home, go for all-white furniture with height, which is sure to make your space feel more pared-down and open.

The Best Part:  This is a great multipurpose solution if you don’t need a dedicated entryway. And if you have other ideas for the furniture, go for it! Just pick tall pieces that are space-saving.

small apartment designA Hidden Home Office

File this under best small space office ideas. This under-the-stairs office nook brings function to an awkward area you might find in a duplex or small apartment design with a mezzanine.

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Why This Design Works:

  • This tucked-away office works nicely as an extension to the living room while maximizing all the square footage possible in the under stairs space.
  • The practical yet industrial office furniture turns the workspace into a focal point that’s just as stylish as the rest of the room.
  • It feels like a private dedicated work space with plenty of storage despite being in an open living area.

How To Get The Look: Think Industrial Modern. Most small apartments with under stair nooks tend to be sleek contemporary boxes, so play into that with metal pieces and graphic elements.

The Best Part: You heard it here first, but in this instance your office furniture should have a different style and vibe from the rest of the living room. This will set it apart as its own space.

small apartment designA Hallway Home Office

For a small apartment design consisting of one overall open concept room, try this sophisticated home office setup in the hallway corridor leading in from the entryway.

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Why This Design Works:

  • This compact home office makes use of narrow and tall furniture, such as the desk and bookcase, which take up minimal wall space that would have otherwise gone unused.
  • The hanging mirror conveniently turns the spot into an entryway catchall.
  • The stool slides neatly under the table and doesn’t block the flow from the entry into the living room. You can also explore other ideas for seating, like garden stools or poufs.

How To Get The Look: Go for Classic Industrial furnishings and interior design elements, which feature metals and woods and sculptural silhouettes. It’s the perfect sleek and warm combo.

The Best Part: If industrial style isn’t your thing, opt for furniture in a style that suits your taste. Just be sure to stick to slender pieces that line up minimally against your walls.

small apartment designA Collaborative Work Zone

Need design ideas for a small living room workspace? Try this makeshift coworking corner space in your own small apartment. It’s one of our favorite ideas for a workspace that’s also a breakfast spot.

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Why This Design Works:

  • You can easily mix and match a cafe table with different chairs to build out this work corner in your small space. Or use furniture you already have!
  • This workspace can be used for different purposes when needed, like as a game table or for a meal.
  • Because all the pieces are so versatile and moveable, it doesn’t take up any room at all. In fact, it takes up practically zero square footage out of all our ideas.

How To Get The Look: Modern Minimalism meets Eclectic in this simple and sleek workspace configuration. Make sure to start with a tall table that has enough surface space for you to work.

The Best Part: This is a low-lift approach to a workspace that’s great if you’re not looking to splurge on furniture. You just need a few pieces that you can arrange together as needed.

small apartment designA Floating Home Office

Even when decorating small apartments, floating or suspending your home office area in the living room, like this workspace behind the sofa, can make for a smart and stylish solution.

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Why This Design Works:

  • Instead of a console table, a desk behind the sofa adds an instant work zone to the room that always feels organic.
  • When out of wall space, this is a great way to integrate a functional office spot into a small apartment design, where it’s part of the living and entertaining space.
  • This maximizes the space behind a sofa, another tricky space, that would otherwise be unused.

How To Get The Look: Mid-Century Industrial furniture always works in a space where you want the office furniture to complement the rest. Pick lighter woods for a cool, streamlined look.

The Best Part: If we’re talking about ideas for partitioning or dividing up a room into zones, a desk is probably the chicest in our book given it’s practical, space-saving, and totally stylish.

small apartment designA Corner Office

Few things get better than an office with a window view, like this workspace. You can make that happen even if you live in a super small apartment or a single open room studio apartment.

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Why This Design Works:

  • The desk and wall-mounted shelving make use of storage that is all above ground, which opens up the office area with a more airy feel.
  • In true small apartment decor fashion, this office utilizes wall space to stack up storage, freeing up floor space.
  • The layout is smart as it isolates the home office off to one end of the room for privacy, while the furniture and art help maintain a cohesive style in the space.

How To Get The Look: A touch modern, a bit eclectic, this comes down to a mix of classic dark-wood elements, leather, and industrial accents. Round it all out with bright graphic art.

The Best Part: For those who are ready for a permanent home office space, this is the ultimate. Not only do you get tons of natural light, but you also have room to spread out your work.

small apartment designA Statement-Making Office

Looking for a bold and elegant way to create an office space in your small apartment? This neutral and studio apartment does just that with a shelf-desk that’s both functional and chic.

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Why This Design Works:

  • The built-in desk on the bookshelf is the ultimate space-saving office hack as it doesn’t take up any floor space.
  • The pair of tall bookcases are eye-catching and practical at once, serving as stylish displays and wall storage while also offering up a small space work surface.
  • The statement armchair and clean-lined coffee table are the main furniture pieces that stand out in the room. They help balance out the office area as additional focal points.

How To Get The Look: Look for modern pieces and a few glam statements, like the turquoise armchair and abstract art. Then keep to a neutral and subdued palette for everything else.

The Best Part: In terms of small apartment design ideas, this is a seamless way to integrate an office space into a studio. It not only maximizes space but also storage with the bookshelves.

small apartment designA Home Office With A View

One of the best things about decorating small apartments is that you’re forced to only shop for furniture and designs that are top-notch for you. That’s exactly the case with this alcove office.

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Why This Design Works:

  • Despite being sparsely furnished, this office space, with the narrow console table desk by the window, is a nice extension off of a living room that feels warm and inviting.
  • You can easily turn the console table into a display when not in use as a work surface.
  • The key interior design element is the row of windows, which lets tons of natural light into the room as well as serve up an amazing view of the outdoors.

How To Get The Look: This is pure Rustic Elegance with its dark woods, tan leather, cowhide, and earthy palette. If you have big windows, these elements will work beautifully in your space.

The Best Part: You can easily rearrange this space into a living room by simply adding a coffee table and another armchair. Swap in other small furniture and experiment with layout ideas.

small apartment designAn All-In-One Studio Space

Think of this as the ultimate studio apartment space where every square footage needs to be optimized for living, sleeping, or working. It’s one small apartment space that needs to do it all!

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Why This Design Works:

  • The high top table and chairs setup is a smart work surface here since it’s slender and has a small footprint and easily fits into a corner or off to the side of the room.
  • When not in use, the office area can be used for dining.
  • With the raised profile, you can squirrel baskets under the worktable for added storage

How To Get This Look: Modern Boho is the name of the game here, so go big on clean lines and bright colors. Just be sure to make lots of room for storage pieces and accents.

The Best Part: This space spotlights the pretty small things instead of the furniture. So if you’re debating what to get in your small space, skip the coffee table for the cool floor lamp.

Bring your small apartment office design ideas to life!

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