Earth Tones Trend: Are These Hues the New Neutrals?

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2019 has been a year of vibrant colors. Pantone’s color of the year, Living Coral, is a case in point. But if ultra-bright hues don’t suit your style, it’s time to rejoice! As the season’s change and the year winds down, we’re shifting our color focus from bright and vibrant to hues that are inspired by nature. Enter: the earth tones trend!

 Earth tones are becoming something of a trend, and we’re all for it. These saturated colors feature-rich, earthy tones that you’d find in the forest or the ocean. Think rust, marigold, burnt sienna, sage, turmeric, deep navy, and prussian blue. These show-stopping shades create a relaxed palette that’s fall-ready and serving up major style. We love using them as unexpected neutrals that offer a rich backdrop to any room.

Keep reading for the full scoop on the earth tones trend and learn why we’re calling these hues the new neutrals!

green wallThey’re Neutrals, With a Twist

When you think of neutrals, your mind probably wanders to shades of white, beige, or grey. Some color-lovers even avoid neutrals, thinking them boring or devoid of personality. But this is far from the case when you use earth tones as a bold neutral! As the name suggests, these colors are derived from nature, and as such, they have a neutral base to them that you won’t find in neons or brighter hues. So, you get the building blocks of a neutral while still achieving a pop of color.

Their saturation causes them to pack an extra punch that gives your space more personality. Unlike standard neutrals, earth tones can make your space feel moodier in the best possible way. They make an elegant statement on their own, but also create a gorgeous symphony of color when paired together!

green wallThey Go With Everything

This leads us to our next point: Earth tones go with just about everything. You can pair them with patterns and use them to compliment numerous furniture styles and materials. You can even mix and match them with other colors and still get a cohesive look! Use earth tones as a backdrop or accent in a modern space, one with a desert minimal vibe, or even a space that’s more traditional or rustic!

orange wallThey’re Serving Year-Round Style

While earth tones are ideal for autumn, they’re part of a chic palette that can be used year-round! Because they’re so versatile, you can easily make a few quick design swaps each season to help your look learn more toward fall/winter or give it more of a spring/summer vibe.

But how do you do this? Well, it can be in big ways or small ones—whether in playful pops of color or rich and dramatic tonal statements. These colors don’t just belong on walls. They can also be incorporated in accessories such as pillows, rugs, and wall art! You can even go big with a foundational piece like a sofa or accent chair in these earthy hues.

grey wallThey’re Calm and Comforting

These hues are moody and bold—but they also have a calm, relaxing vibe due to their neutral undertones. Color psychology tells us that familiar colors make us feel more safe and secure. And because earth tones are colors we experience in nature on a regular basis, they’re basically the comfort food of the color wheel. So, it’s no wonder that in our current political and social climate we’re seeking something soothing and familiar at home!

We love that these tones let us indulge our love of color while creating a space that feels neutral and calming. And honestly, who doesn’t need a little more serenity and calm in their lives?

Ready to try the earthy neutrals trend in your space?

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