Introducing Minna Home – Modsy’s First Exclusive Line of Sofas and Chairs

minna homeIt’s true – Modsy’s first collection of furniture is here! We’re so excited to introduce you to Minna Home, a line of high-quality, custom made sofas and chairs designed to fit your real life and look good doing it.

After years of helping people design their homes, we were all too familiar with the struggle that is shopping for living room furniture.

You start out thinking it will be easy – after all, how hard can finding a place to sit be? Really hard, as it turns out. There are so many factors to consider – style, size, material, price, and quality… the list goes on! It’s easy to see how the whole thing can quickly become overwhelming.

minna homeEven with a designer’s guidance, finding the perfect sofa can often feel like an elusive quest fraught with compromises and tradeoffs. And after years of helping our customers navigate this struggle, we decided it was time to do something about it.

So, we went back to the beginning and created our own exclusive line of sofas and chairs based on feedback collected from countless real customers. The result was a seating collection that stands up to messy hands, spills, muddy paws, and everything else that comes with a busy lifestyle. Not to mention, our sofas and chairs are as comfortable as they are stylish.

Read on to learn a little more about the values behind Modsy’s first collection, Minna Home.

minna homeNo Compromises

We believe you should love sitting on your sofa, not just looking at it. That’s why all of our designs were created with real life in mind. That means they’re super durable, easy to clean, and oh-so comfortable. We are also committed to reducing our carbon footprint, so we use sustainable materials, like recycled polyfill and humanely sourced feather down, wherever possible.

Customized Quality

Each style comes with an array of fabric choices, so you can customize your Minna Home piece to your liking. Our pieces are hand-crafted right here is the USA by artisans with over 30 years of experience making furniture for some of the leading brands in the industry, including us!

minna homeConfidence is Key

Exclusively available through Modsy, you’ll never have to imagine how your Minna Home piece will look in your home. With our one-of-a-kind 3D design experience, you can see it before you buy so you know it will look and fit great in your space.

All the Perks

But wait, there’s more! No matter what Modsy design package you purchase, use the code MINNA100 at checkout for $100 off your Minna Home sofa!

The days of waiting 10-12 weeks for a custom sofa are long gone. After you place your order, all Minna Home pieces will be ready to ship out in just 15 days. Get excited!

Want more Minna Home? Check out our homepage to learn how you can bring one of these amazing pieces home.

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