Storage Solutions – 7 Ways to Organize With Baskets

basket storage ideas

We are officially over halfway through the first month of 2019. Wow time flies! The new year is the perfect time to get organized and clear your home (and mind) of clutter. And there’s no better way to get your space organized than our favorite storage solution – baskets! These little cuties are not only stylish, they also add warmth and texture to any room, and make corralling clutter a breeze. Talk about a win-win-win!

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Ready for some easy ways to incorporate baskets into your home? Even better! Read on to learn our favorite ways to add basket storage in every room of your home.

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Basket Storage Ideas for the Living Room

basket storage ideas

Organize Your Decor

The cutest living rooms on Instagram and Pinterest all seem to have one thing in common – they pile on the pillows and throws like there is no tomorrow. This layered look is oh-so chic, but does beg one question… where does all that stuff go when you’re actually, you know, sitting on your sofa?

Enter basket storage idea #1! Gather a few of these babies around your living space for an easy place to tuck pillows, throw blankets, and even coffee table books when you need the space. It’s a better alternative to simply tossing them on the floor and is also a great long-term solution for keeping extra blankets handy.

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basket storage ideas

Add Bins to an Open Bookcase

We love open shelving as much as the next design blog, but admittedly it can be a high-maintenance storage system. When all your shelves are exposed, so is your clutter! That means frequent dusting and organizing to make sure everything is looking great and in it’s place.

If you’re exhausted just reading this, don’t fret! Add a few baskets to your open shelving unit and voila! You’ve got an instant way to make your bookcase look organized. And unless your guests have x-ray vision, they’ll never see the mess that might be hiding inside those baskets.

basket storage ideas

Keep Your Coffee Table Clutter-Free

You can even use a basket as storage for your coffee table. Find one with low sides, similar to a tray, and use it to corral remotes, matchbooks, candles, and any other coffee table knick-knacks you have lying around. This will instantly make your coffee table seem more organized and also doubles as an easy way to clear it off for family game night or cocktail hour!

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basket storage ideas

Corral Kids’ Toys in a Pinch

If you’ve got young kids, you may know that more often than not your living room functions as a playroom. To help make clean up quick and easy, consider adding some big baskets into your decor scheme. Tucked in the corner, these guys are out of the way but easily accessible for play time.

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Basket Storage Ideas for the Entryway

basket storage ideas

Easy Shoe Storage

Probably the most obvious place to add a basket is in your entryway! The space in your home that sees the most foot traffic, a few well-placed baskets can help keep this space a clutter-free zone.

Try tucking a few under a bench for an easy place to stash shoes. A taller basket can be a perfect place to store umbrellas or anything else you might like to keep handy in your entryway.

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Basket Storage Ideas for the Bedroom

basket storage ideas

A Place to Throw Your Pillows

Throw pillows on your bed are cute, but when it comes time to go to sleep, they have to move somewhere. Instead of tossing your throw pillows on the floor, add a basket to the foot of your bed for an easy place to stash them at night.

More bedroom basket storage ideas? Tuck one on the bottom shelf of your nightstand and use it to hold half-read magazines, midnight snacks, or anything else you don’t have room for in your drawers.

Finally, the classic bedroom basket standby, give your laundry bin a stylish upgrade by swapping it out for a cute basket. You can find ones with handles for easy transportation, or even a lid to keep the dirties out of sight.

basket storage ideas

Add Under-the-Bed Storage

If you have a smaller bedroom, or just need some extra space to stash clothes, shoes, or your collection of action figures, try a few storage baskets under your bed! Get ones with handles to make sliding them in and out extra easy.

This is a great way to make the most of an unused area of your bedroom. It’s also a great solve if a proper storage bed frame is out of your budget (as these can be on the pricier side).

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Basket Storage Ideas for the Home Office

basket storage ideas

Organize Office Supplies

The final room we love to incorporate basket storage into is the home office. Another obvious space, your home office should be a productivity zone, and that usually means clutter-free and highly organized.

Add a basket under your desk as a waste can (or recycle bin), or try a few on a bookcase to organize documents, office supplies, and other bits and bobbles. We really should be asking where you can’t use baskets in a home office!

Ready to get your home organized for 2019?

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