My Modsy Story: New Home, New Living Room, No Idea Where to Start

New homeowners, Cristina and her husband, wanted all the right furniture—but they just couldn’t decide on anything.


Homeowner: Maria Cristina, global marketing director

Location: New Orleans, LA

Room: A bare living room in a new home

Her Style: Contemporary Collector

The Backstory

Graduating from a rental to her family-of-four’s first owned home

I live with my husband and our kids, and we purchased a house in New Orleans, LA after renting for several years. The house is huge and when we moved in, we needed lots of help.

The Design Dilemma

Designing one room became too much work and making decisions became impossible

Our living room was a blank canvas with just a wall-mounted T.V. We knew we wanted it to be comfortable and practical, but style and budget were also very important to us. We didn’t know where to start. Should we figure out a floor plan first? Or should we start on the right size sofa since it was such a big piece? But then how do we place things and make everything look cohesive? We just couldn’t decide.

Where to buy the furniture was another hurdle. We wanted to purchase pieces that reflected our style. We kept going from store to store, taking pictures, trying to match pieces together. In the end, it was too much work and we could never make a decision.


The Modsy Moment

After two failed runs with online design services, one happy Modsy review caught her eye

I had first tried two online interior design services. It was not successful, to say the least. We worked with designers at both but got back really poor-quality renderings that didn’t help us with anything. I’d seen Modsy on my Facebook feed, so I did a little research and read many positive reviews of the service. One in particular caught my eye, from a man who noted that it takes 10 days for the designs to be done. This made me a little nervous at first, but it turned out to be one of the highlights of the Modsy service. They took their time to create two very thoughtful concepts for my space, and that was a big differentiator for me.

Modsy Design 1
Modsy Design 1
Modsy Design 2
Modsy Design 2

How Modsy’s Renderings Helped Maria

Discovering new ideas and having the confidence to know EXACTLY what to buy

My reaction to our first renderings was a huge WOW! I had such a big happy smile on my face. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing my living room furnished in such a realistic way. Every detail of my room was there. When I showed my husband that night, he couldn’t believe that we got such great work for $69. (Then he had to remind me how much money I wasted with the other online design services.) The renderings really helped us think outside the box, and we ended up combining a couple of our designs together.

It was so great to know exactly where to go and what to ask for. While we didn’t purchase everything exactly as Modsy suggested, we found other things at the retailers they listed.

We purchased a different couch (after our entire family of four sat on a couch that was suggested and decided we wanted a wider couch) but we went with the color Modsy recommended. We also purchased the patterned area rug from the rendering. I can say we would not have been brave enough to purchase it if we hadn’t seen how it would look in our space with everything else. Likewise, we wouldn’t have thought about putting the sun mirror on the wall or adding the artwork and plant. In particular, we hadn’t thought of putting two shelving units on each side of the French doors like Modsy suggested, so that was a huge surprise, which we loved. We’re planning on purchasing those along with the lamps and the sun mirror Modsy suggested.

Modsy Design 4
Modsy Design 4
Modsy Design 4


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