How to Sneak More Storage into Your Home

Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a big family house, storage space is something every home can use more of. Adding storage doesn’t have to mean adding an entire new shelving system or purchasing a big ticket item, like a credenza; all it takes is rethinking your spaces with the right pieces.

Read on for a few simple (and clever) ways to sneak in more storage to your home.


Work Storage Into Your Entry

Use a desk in your entry as a functional console and catchall. One with drawers provides holding places for mail and on-the-go accessories, like sunglasses, hats, and totes. The surface can hold a tray for keys, a table lamp, and a mirror for those last-minute outfit checks before you dash out the door.


Choose a Multipurpose Coffee Table

For a busy space like your living room, consider working storage into your coffee table. For instance, a two-tiered table allows you to stash trays, magazines, and coasters on the lower shelves; a repurposed trunk or a coffee table with a lid is great for stowing away big books, board games, and even kids’ toys; and a coffee table with drawers are stylish design details that can also keep remotes, wine openers, and other small items out of sight.


Find New Use for Nightstands

No need to relegate a nightstand to just your bedroom. Pull one into your living room to use as a side table. Since most nightstands come with two or three drawers, you’ll have extra storage space for everything from additional cords and candles to throw blankets. On top, you’ll have room for a lamp as well as a place to put down a drink.


Add Seating with Storage

Super-functional storage benches and ottomans are perfect in any living room, but especially so if you’re limited on space. These pieces provide both style and storage, serving as pretty and comfortable seating when you have guests over and also as hiding spots for everything from books to extra blankets and pillows. Try using a storage bench under a living room window to create a reading spot, or bring in a pair of ottomans that you can easily move around.


Go Big with Baskets

Easy to tote around, baskets are storage catchalls. They’re especially handy if you have kids that lay out their toys; keeping them in baskets will help conceal what can be a mess on the floor. Plus, baskets tuck nicely into cubbies or can be set on the floor by a chair to hold blankets and books. Try multiple baskets spread out in one room on the floor for a few storage touchpoints.


Make Your Bed Do Double Duty

If you’re working with small square footage, a platform bed with drawers or one with under storage can help you make the most of an otherwise unused space in your bedroom. It’s a great solution for stowing away winter bedding, clothes, and extra sheets, linens, and pillows.  


Rethink a Bookshelf

Try an open bookcase beside your bed instead of a nightstand or table. This ups your storage (literally) by making use of wall space that’s often left empty next to your bed. Essentials—like an alarm clock, your iPhone, bedtime reading—can go on the lower shelves, while books, jewelry boxes, and even clothes can be stored on the upper ones. And since most open bookshelves are narrow, you’ll also be saving floor space.



Need to rethink storage in your space?

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