4 Ways to Brighten Up a Small Space

If you’ve lost all hope when it comes to making that dreary small space as lovely as it appears in your dreams, don’t give up hope quite yet! We’re here to help with a few tips.

1. Create an accent walaccent walll.

We think a fresh coat of paint can work some real magic on a room, or if you’re feeling especially daring, go ahead and add a splash of colorful wallpaper!

2. Forego overhead lighting.The-home-of-Tanja-Vibe-from-All-The-Way-to-Paris_4

Mix and match a few table lamps to your space for different sources of light that act dynamically together to add warmth.

3. Add a few gorgeous house plants!wall art

They not only brighten rooms, but add a lively bit of color and character. One of our current favorites is a fiddle leaf fig – keep an eye out for them at your nearest plant nursery!

4. Change up your pillows.Currently Trending - Blue Pillows

This can occur seasonally as tastes change and weather shifts, or more often depending on your need. Pillows add great accents of color and depth to a space and are much easier (and more budget-friendly!) to swap out than an entire sofa or bed.

Still not quite sure how to visualize what your space could look like with some new accents, plants, furniture, or a fresh coat of paint? Purchase a Modsy Design Package today to find out!