Style Merger: Yours, Mine and Ours

You say “tomato”, I say “uh, yeah, not so much”. Opposites may attract. but when it comes to setting up house together, those differences aren’t always so dreamy. This was the case with Modsy customers Jeff and Lani. They each took our Style Quiz and – no surprise to them – got two very different results. She is Refined Rustic, he is Atomic Industrial. “So…I guess we’re kind of Rustic-Industrial-Traditional,” said Lani, “I don’t suppose you’ve got a way to merge our styles?” Why, yes we do!

 The Conundrum

Style puzzle: A quick glimpse into Jeff and Lani’s existing living room reveals her love of classic design; but the rustic elements she was drawn to in the Style Quiz are missing. Also absent are his industrial and Mid-Century design preferences, not to mention an obvious way to integrate all these components without creating design goulash.

 Layout Stumper: In addition to their style dichotomy, the couple struggles with how to use the beautiful but challenging arced bay corner of the room. Sure, a made-to-fit rounded sofa would be spectacular, but since they’re not living on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, they could use a more realistic solution.

The Fix

“I am seriously in awe… this is so cool.  Once I return my jaw back to it’s normal position I am sure we will have actual questions and comments… until then I’ll continue to drool over this.”


The Formula

1. A Classic Foundation: The sofa sets the tone. Choose a traditional but streamlined option to create a neutral starting point that lets accent pieces in a variety of styles shine without clashing.

Belgian Track Arm Slipcovered Sofa
Restoration Hardware  $2096 – $4695

2. Common Ground: Bridge modern and classic styles using a rug that combines a large, simple geometric pattern with a subdued, classic palette. Jute rugs – uncomplicated, warm and textured – are another ideal option for linking disparate styles.

Surya Sherpa Taupe and Ivory Wool Rug
Zinc Door  8’x10″ $1643

3. Materials, Textures and Shapes 

Rustic, distressed leather: On large-scale leather items, go for soft lines and curves to prevent an overly masculine feel; for smaller accent pieces, keep it lightweight with an open base for proportion.

Style-bridging wood: Add warmth without weight with long-legged wood coffee tables and benches. Clean lines and atomic shapes make it modern, while lighter hues and slight texture connects to the room’s rustic elements.

Industrial Accents: A straight-forward, utilitarian piece adds an Industrial ingredient to this design combo. Also try metal in small, key locations to add crisp punctuation. A matte finish will keep it from overpowering the space.

Dang Media Stand – Gray

Blu Dot  $999

Faceted Mirror Side Table
Jayson Home  $595

Your Turn

Go forth and embrace your style-mix challenge! And embrace your challenger, a.k.a. your significant other, while you’re at it. We’d love to see your results! And if you need help from Modsy, we’d love to be of service.

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