1 Vibrant Rug, 4 Revived Rooms

Fear not, you minimalists, lovers of the understated and color-phobes! A vibrant rug won’t be the attention hog you might assume. In fact, it has the opposite effect – showing off your beautiful decor in a way that no other design element can achieve.

Let us introduce you to one beautiful rug, the Mykonos Area Rug by Surya, and four rooms it brought to life.

TIPTo get a real sense of this rug’s impact on these spaces, use your hand to briefly block, then reveal the rug in each image. What a difference some color makes!

Invigorated elegance: A neutral rug in this refined room would lend a masculine feel, emphasizing the distinction between the dark tones and crisp whites. This colorful rug softens the contrast, making the navy velvet sofa feel even more luxurious and creating unity among all the pieces.

Inviting minimalism: Without warmth and color on the floor, this minimal space would be downright monastic. The rug’s deep hue balances the room’s grays and browns. The subtle, rounded pattern adds depth to otherwise solid elements and moderates the sharp edges of the Mid-Century pieces. 

Energized transitional: Beige is timeless. It goes with everything and works with every style. But too much of a good thing is, well, too much. With the addition of one thing – our featured rug – this handsome space goes from humdrum to hallelujah!

Vitalized glamour: There’s graceful and there’s glacial. Everyone’s got their own taste, but we know which we’d prefer for our bedrooms. The monochromatic scheme of this polished room gets boosted to stardom with a base of our vibrantly supportive rug.


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